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  1. I’m forced to deal with windows at work - but we really are close to switching to Linux. Only thing still in use is excel… which god damn that shit has infected all businesses.

  2. My university uses excel, and it’s frustrating

  3. American watching it on Disney+. The censorship sucks though.

  4. The Krusty Klam? I thought they shut that place down.

  5. They lost $44 million after that failed 1984 Olympics promotion

  6. It's gonna be hard to top that for your other 363 unbirthdays

  7. Is your child taking drugs? You may be worried about heroin or meth, but what you really should be worried about is if they’re snorting saddam Hussein

  8. Aw $50. Why couldn’t I have no kids and fifty moneys.

  9. Oaks gave in the last panel is hilarious

  10. I’ve seen some local businesses sell them in my town. But it’s seen as a niche item

  11. Australian here- the crown comes out of the Christmas cracker… the thing they pull between 2 people?

  12. We have those here. It’s mostly used by family’s with more direct British decent.

  13. The one from the Miles Morales game looks too much like the Batman symbol to me.

  14. I say that most peanuts content is just as much for adults as they are for children. Mostly the introspective dialogue and moments the characters share will be strongly appreciated by adults. But that’s not to say kids don’t enjoy it just as much. It’s like Walt Disney saying that content should be made to appeal to both kids and adults, because adults are just big kids.

  15. Funny how this scene is where I first heard of Doctor who. My dad burst out laughing because he remembered watching it on PBS when it first came to America

  16. In my head canon, they’re the Gunns. Because labradors and retrievers are gun dogs.

  17. What’s a gun dog? Like a hunting dog?

  18. Can I borrow a crosspost"? Ha! It's got your face on it!

  19. I’ll just take a potato chip and eat it while watching the World Cup

  20. I see it as a fun homage. Keeping the tradition alive.

  21. Jotaro's an homage to begin with. Araki saw Clint Eastwood as a kid and was like "THAT, EXACTLY THAT"

  22. https://giphy.com/gifs/l1J3G5lf06vi58EIE

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