1. I'm pretty sure there isn't a single nation in South America that hasn't been subject to a coup or coup attempt by the US. US interference has its roots in the Monroe Doctrine, the idea that South and Central America should be under US influence (as opposed to European influence, at the time the doctrine was made).

  2. Not to say you have to agree with them (I myself am not a ML either), however there is something to note here about your perception of these states:

  3. Socialists seem to inevitably succumb to Sleepover Syndrome. Just fracturing into a trillion “worker’s Party” friend groups of like 50 people who all spend their time circlejerking about how only they know the real truth and will guide the petulant working class to the real true communism.

  4. Report this to where-ever he streams. That is how you have the most impact.

  5. lmao what could you possibly report this for?

  6. You are confused, this subreddit is being regularly flooded with people specifically told to come here and whine about Keffals by lil' d himself. Hell, this could be part of it for all we know at this point.

  7. Wait … did Destiny implicitly or explicitly encourage the brigades?

  8. I'd say showing specific threads from here on his stream and asking people to join in or make more is pretty explicit.

  9. D-man has been featuring threads mocking Tankie Eggman on his stream? For real?

  10. Yeah, I was literally just talking about posts clowning on Tankie Eggman. So I guess I was correct and those have nothing to do with Destiny?

  11. No, I don't even think I've seen a single thread about that person to be honest. I've seen several dozen made by lil' d simps though. Maybe the spam is crowding out all of the drama I'd actually find somewhat relevant?

  12. Every time a lil' d simp posts in here about Keffals, she becomes three times as strong.

  13. What does it have to do with technocracy? Cyberpunk stories take place in hypercapitalist societies, and that's what most of them are a cautionary tale about.

  14. If you are talking about real technocracy, the true cautionary tales would likely be how most technocracies tend to be autocratic and are not made any more immune to corruption and shady dealings by their focus on large-scale projects and planning.

  15. The poster was explicitly asking for good faith engagement. Having your opinions on a certain person challenged doesnt seem ban worthy.

  16. It feels like having a streamer intentionally asking his audience to encourage folks to come here and post shit like this constantly very much is. If lil' d thinks Keffals did something against gofundme ToS or against the law - perhaps the dumbfuck should go to one of those places instead of featuring this sub on his streams and videos and actively encouraging his community to appeal to this one instead?

  17. Actually, the longer this goes on... I don't believe this is enough of a remedy anymore. I went over there to check how bad it was- why are they always here. Destiny himself covers the threads on the subreddit here- knowing his community brigades, the destiny subreddit directly linked threads about Keffals here to encourage others to come brigade, they have posted several screenshots of threads from here without blocking usernames- even directly doing a u// call-out of one of the people here. "Ban the DGGers" is good, but based on their behavior, not enough.

  18. Take screenshots and then report the subreddit with them as proof.

  19. Wait really? I had checked online and it was mentioned that this was something a mod had to do. I've had the screenshots for a while. That's why I mentioned the next steps are in the hands of the mods

  20. If that is the case then I'd send the evidence to the mode team here maybe, and ask them to do something?

  21. I don't believe anything they say. I was just pointing out that if you do believe them you are the one with the cognitive dissonance. How do you simultaneously believe them and not believe them?

  22. They weren't leaked by some whistleblower to independent media. They were "leaked" from a western intelligence agency to a western state funded propaganda outlet. Why do you just uncritically assume their authenticity?

  23. Uh. You missed the "farmers in Florida are saying..." preface to that....

  24. Trying to be charitable I think they are saying, rather than misrepresenting her words, that she should've confronted the insinuation that the only reason immigrants shouldn't have been used as a political tool is so that they can do menial labour.

  25. It's not like this is the busiest sub in the world, it's reasonable to post interesting news relevant to online leftist spaces. And frankly, I'm pretty happy with more eyeballs being annoyed about this hilarious and petty move.

  26. Why would something that happens in liberal online spaces, especially when done by someone who has voiced their disdain for this community and the left as a whole, be relevant to the leftist online space.

  27. I never get these complaints because it's not like this is a hugely busy subreddit being swarmed by other stuff. There are a few dozen posts a day with more than like two comments.

  28. They are not related though. Why are there people here that treat them like ex-friends or former lovers?

  29. Did you forget Putin, Hitler, Lenin's mummy, Jesus (re-resurrected) and legendary anarchist Zaheer from the legend of Korra??????????????? 😱😱😱

  30. Context: The original art collective that created the game Disco Elysium, a game seeped in leftist philosophy and theory, widely considered one of the best RPGs and overall game in recent times, has been dissolved after all their members were pushed out by corporate buisnessmen wanting to create an Amazon show and maximize their profits.

  31. So the stupid show idea was not only real, but has killed the studio? Holy shit.

  32. Now more than ever is international solidarity important!

  33. The upper limit is much much higher than 50 kilotons.

  34. I’m not sure I understand some of the claims in the article. Several times it says the “code” promotes things like grandparents having a role in raising kids. Is this a legal reform or more like a resolution asserting values?

  35. Its probably both, though off the top of my head I could see the thing with grandparents being a law in-so-far as it grants certain legal rights to grandparents regarding their grandchildren. Maybe things regarding stuff that requires a 'legal guardian' to be present or give consent?

  36. Yeah...Unfortunately the way that I imagine the average Turk is introduced to the issue is sub-optimal, to say the least.

  37. They'd immediately start the process of making new military technology.

  38. If you actually pay attention to what I said you'll notice the RT part is just the cherry on the cake proving you wrong.

  39. You've yet to provide a single source for any of the vapid racist bullshit you believe. Russians are human.

  40. The color for the lib-dems are gold. And the brown is the dup I'm pretty sure. Are those not the colors you see?

  41. I honestly don't see how a map like this can be used as an attack against Keir. I don't really like him but the map speaks for itself.

  42. Blatantly a joke, though the ice-pick thing was out of line on several levels and - with his continued insistence on a milquetoast agenda - I will never let him live it down.

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