1. Idk why this is being down voted, bringing negotiations to Twitter and trying to paint the Bears Front Office as bad guys because they didn't give you the biggest deal of all time for a LB is immature lol get an agent and let them handle it

  2. Roquan Smith is not elite. Look at pff rankings. Guys like Bobby Wagner, Fred Warner, and Micah Parsons are at the top. Roquan Smith has never been near the top in his entire career. Maybe pff hates the Bears OR maybe Bears fans massively overrate Roquan. I don’t hate Roquan, but he is not a game changing elite player. I was hoping he would be better as an off ball linebacker. I think playing outside would be better for his skill set, but I don’t think you should overpay based on what might happen.

  3. Yeah, I mean Roquan is a very good player. And an elite tackler, but he doesn't cause turnovers or have game breaking plays. I'd love to keep him, but he just doesn't warrant the kind of money he's looking for

  4. I'll take the train in (whatever line Wheaton is on) and then get a shuttle from there. The shuttles are like 20 bucks but they have free beer and when they fill up with bears fans it's a good time.

  5. I feel like people think Monty is gonna have to be some monster contract. A 3 year 20 million contract is perfectly reasonable and still a nice payday for Monty. Since he's a leader on the team, I'm in favor of paying him and keeping him as we transition into a successful team

  6. Joining connected franchises with other people kept it interesting for me. There’s usually leagues for all types of players and difficulties. It’s a lot more fun to play with other people because their play style can be so different from one another whereas I feel like the AI plays mostly the same.

  7. Yeah but do you celebrate the people responsible for slavery even though they funded the United States? I'm not saying remove him from history but there's a limit, at some point. You can enjoy what he did without honoring him and ignoring the horrible shit he did.

  8. Probably because Candace Parker dominates her sport and is one of the best 3 if not the best player in her sport to ever play.

  9. If I were the GM I'd give him a max contract for 10 years. But I'm not, so my opinion doesn't mean anything

  10. I've never been able to handle watching any other streamer for more than 20 seconds. Doc shouldn't even be in the same genre. He should have his own Netflix Series or something huge. His production quality is top notch, it's like an actual show.

  11. Same, Doc is the only streamer that I can actively watch and engage with. Everyone else is either cringe AF or a snoozefest.

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