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  1. ALL. I. WANT. is to hear “Shoooooosh please” somehow tonight. Hulu constantly cuts Alpha Academy from the Raw segment. I miss my boys

  2. Judgment Day and Alpha Academy vs The OC, Rey and Edge would've been great as a third War Games match.

  3. Hell yea you will! Just go for it every run, being scared of it is 100% what took me so long to beat it. You got this!! Or don’t! Lol full support!

  4. Much obliged for the support!!! I fully intend to. I want that sweet beta art lol. It's been my mission lately. I've gone back to A1 just to try to kill the heart before I resume climbing ascensions and possibly attempting it on A20... if I ever get there. A13 is my current highest, with the Silent.

  5. Definitely "Decoy". Tim and Colt's conversation. Tough son of a bitch Bob - Drewbacca/Drew mama/Drusitania. Raylan calling Yolo "Yoda" then later on "Yoohoo".

  6. She proudly proclaims herself as a Boogaloo and that's enough for me

  7. I like and respect both Bayley and Bianca but there have been so many lame spots in this match.

  8. Do you pronounce Sheik as 'Sheeeeek' or 'Shaaiik'?

  9. Going with the second pronunciation, would a stable consisting of Harlem Heat and the Iron Sheik be called "Harlem Sheik?"

  10. He sounds like Moronie lol. Farging icehole, sneaky suspicious boorger bastage!!!!

  11. I like to think of that scene as a great callback to him almost going through with killing himself in Season 5 before Miles calls him. Great character, great actor. Sad to hear he passed.

  12. They didn't wanna sell the virus. The Salazars wanted to eliminate the Salamancas.

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