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  1. Perhaps the grossest political tandem in the History of Politics - prove me wrong….

  2. Instead of yelling ‘Noonan’ I’d grunt ‘TRUMP’ on the backswing….

  3. I can see a rationale where the Secret Service agents protecting Trump and his family would resist handing over this kind of data, because it could compromise their ability to do their job, if future President's found themselves feeling they had to hide things from their security detail. But... this isn't a President getting a blow job or fucking Marilyn Monroe. This is a President trying to overthrow the country. You would imagine nobody in the SS would be onboard for that shit, but it increasingly looks like somebody high up in the Services was.

  4. No future President will be as deceitful, duplicitous, and derogatory as our 45th. He is a historical disgrace, and a poor example to use for what ‘could be’ in the future, unless that future has the United States acting like a Banana Republic with a Kangaroo Court, which is plausible.

  5. The sign of a true, 100% a$$hole. So stupid and dumb, he can’t even figure out when being disingenuous equals taking the high road.

  6. The squid is trying to tell us something - and I don’t think it’s good news….

  7. Give him 10 long, just because of where he’s from….

  8. This play has already been run. Come up with a more creative excuse for losing or go back to reading a teleprompter with fake emotion. Vote Democrat or accept Fascism.

  9. Just roll with the punches lady, all you’ve proven to your constituents is that you’re a road block to helpful legislation or biased towards the lobbyists who line your pockets

  10. Nasty nasty people - even when disagreeing amongst themselves! That ‘Trump worm’ is devastating to the average American’s brain….

  11. Now and for the length of his term - WHO CARES WHAT THIS GUY SAYS - he can join Trump at his Moscow Retirement Condo…..

  12. That’s some WEIRD sheet right there. Curious what this different religious views currently on the Supreme Court feel about this ridiculous proposal.

  13. 2026 - a crowd of 4000 Trump sympathizers (some with barefooted children), protest outside Leavenworth Prison, demanding Amnesty for Trump and hundreds of his cohorts. When normal people counterprotested, the State of Kansas sent on the National Guard under its commander in chief, Jesus H. Christeberto who vowed that the counterprotestors were infringing on the religious rights of their opponents. And with religion ‘trumping’ all other laws, society collectively dropped its chin.

  14. Russia is asking others to do something? Please.

  15. The kind of garbage being called Republican is hilarious and disturbing

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