2. Ain’t nobody want to talk to that ass anymore you got him all to yourself babes.

  3. Oh my god this would make my fucking life. She is off the rails. I love her crazy ass so much.

  4. A lot of us miss the old Trisha even with her non stop lying she was just different and a better person.

  5. I mean rule #1 you can always pull over in a well light safe spot. Fucking a

  6. My baby sleeps with me and my bf every night for 8 years. It requires cleaning sheets more often and making sure the pillows are free of hair. No dirty paws ( unless he runs into the bedroom to fast and I can’t yell for him to stop but then I have more than just my bed sheets to clean)

  7. I can’t believe how a human can post so much online and still lie. And somehow not have more people calling her out for it

  8. He left an abusive relationship this week. I hope Dr Beck has a good loving conversation with his soon to get him back on a good path. Love you Charlie ❤️‍🔥

  9. What is the sub Reddit I wanna creep. I have never heard of them before.

  10. Right lol I’m like what is a cojo and who’s is this dude.

  11. But like why even lie about if you’ve been Black Friday shopping it’s so weird

  12. Ok so I watched the video and she says. I haven’t been in store yet but still made a video about Black Friday so. I still don’t get it.

  13. idk but i saw someone say she was worse than jeffrey dahmer in there so idk if you’d want to associate yourself with that thread anyways 🫣🤣

  14. Well she destroyed her OF career. If she is convicted she won’t be allowed on those type of sites and more than likely will not be allowed online at all. A lot of sex offender conditions prevent offenders from owning smart phones that connect to wifi. It’s wild.

  15. She only wants to get pregnant because of Jenna. She always said she didn’t want kids until Jenna started her 4th child series on tiktok.

  16. eeehhh good lol i always tip toe around the rest of the group.

  17. LETS START A RUMOR. They wanna troll us lets have some fun. Who is good with autotune lol and photoshop. Or fuck it lets just start a rumor period....who wants to be the fake GF of curtis or lets say kelsey is cheating. LOL fuck anything at this point now I just wanna fuck with her

  18. oops that sounds evil....but also fun.....I mean a little trollling we do a little trolling ( any H3 STANS IN HERE ) What can we twist about her lol and no one say something about cops or deformation lol no one cares no one cares at a police department about a fake rumor. I mean we can hid in the text somehow the trademark of a joke lol

  19. YALL R LAME LOL when you see something funny happening think of me lol

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