I can’t believe this quote is real, LOL. We really must be under his skin. Why call out Reddit like this if we weren’t winning? (NY Times)

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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Steve Jobs wore Turtlenecks when announcing something big. Has Ryan Cohen just announced that he has accomplished something BIG here? The Titanic is sinking and RC knows it, is RC about to Carve out GME into GMERICA in order to stop the attacks on his company? credit Megatronus_11 GME sub 🏴‍☠️ 🥊

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. If this is integrated into GME and LR wallet it really helps remove a critical obstacle in crypto mass adoption and that’s not having your money locked away in crypto because you have no way to liquidate. It gives the exit option so people don’t feel trapped and also so they can take advantage of any gains they make. Good for crypto!

  2. Once available in Ledger, which is integrated into GS wallet, that would be the closest thing to GS wallet integration, though I can't say it will be available in GS wallet at first, however, one way to transact would be through using Ledger wallet for transactions out to fiat and still be able to list and buy NFTs off GS marketplace beta, or third party NFT sites like rareable and loopexchange.

  3. Anyone know if changing the folder to one just for sketchy NFTs counts as interacting, my main immutable wallet has hundreds of God's unchained cards and I don't want to transfer them all out to avoid clicking one or two suspicious fake cards lol

  4. Explain like I'm 5 pls..

  5. We closer to the ultimate DRS goal than locking the float are my thoughts. Anyone else? I'm just spitballing and am smooth

  6. I was joking but “Soon after, the giant sacrifices itself to serve as a bridge to allow the remaining members of the High 5 into the castle, sinking into the lava while giving a thumbs-up, a reference to Terminator 2: Judgement Day” - never knew that was a T2 reference (pic of keith Gill’s brother with T2 arcade in back intensifies)

  7. Well I'll be. The T2 References just keep adding up

  8. Fakestream. Imagine reporting the Ryan Cohen buys all stocks meme as serious news

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised. One guy got his Reddit post on a. www article then changed his profile pic to a butthole. That was legend

  10. I remember it well. Twas a marketplace article with embedded Twitter link of a redditors Twitter. We may be in the gamestop times

  11. Congrats. I once booked my shares but my heart sank when it said sale voluntary. I promptly bought my shares back and now with knowledge, will not screw my books up again

  12. Now you’re making me think of GameStop buying Blockbuster from Dish Network. 🤔

  13. Yes it explains why it went up because apes follow every move he we bought Nordstroms...along side him...before it was released publicly...right. It only fools average public fake news consumer.

  14. hello fellow redditors, how about ten free articles so we can distract you with ramdom stocks?

  15. Idk, the cost could be FUD and giving your reddit profile data to wsj

  16. Firstly, don't FOMO when lrc is doing awesome. Second, there are plenty of third party sites for swaps, none I know can use BTC for NFT sales

  17. Sorry for the n00b question, but how does that work?

  18. It is three different guardians that must all agree for you to recover your account should your account be lost for whatever reason. It's like two scientists that have to turn their keys simultaneously to gain access to the reactor room and prevent meltdown. That or Horcruxes like from Harry Potter

  19. I don’t know what’s better, your first explanation or your second 😂 👍🏼👍🏼.

  20. IMX might have a solution we don't see coming though

  21. Baba Blacksheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full

  22. The owner of the Blockbuster in the show is Tim...and who named Tim wears a turtleneck sweater? Tim Cook, Apple CEO

  23. Tim Cook doesn't wear turtlenecks, that was Jobs

  24. By pipeline he means colon, right? Cause we entering Uranus

  25. You can't fart in a turtleneck, only a windbreaker can do that. If you can't break the ice, cause gas is the best way to do it, then how are you to sell your ecosystem?

  26. In a way, the Titanic just was covered in a large oceanic turtleneck

  27. Dane Cooks' name makes it sound like he eats dogs

  28. Sorry I meant Tim Cook, but he doesn't seem great or dane

  29. The buy button is gone….anyone else having the same problem?

  30. More like wealthpimple, cause it is clogged

  31. And then the cops would slip into that bad boy with y'all!!

  32. My bags can hold so many..sleeping bags that is

  33. The Venom pillow is very inviting

  34. He's the hero we deserve, not the one we idealize. He kills but only cause he's hungry...and only bad dudes

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