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  1. Not in vanilla but you could use villagers to get the enchantments on books... yes, I placed and broke about 1800 lecterns to get ALL enchantments on max level, but the normal enchantments are not that rare in my experience.

  2. Yeah that's next on my list. Problem is the village is 300 blocks away

  3. Have you gone to the nether yet? If you have (or can get) blaze powder, you can craft potions of weakness.

  4. You eat, shit and piss, I eat shit and piss. We are not the same

  5. I already have a shovel from clan games... so not fun

  6. Wait... whats the difference between the incinerator and the scorcher? I thought they were the old name for scorchers

  7. Send your heros on the red box expeditions. The problem is there isn't many red box expeditions that often so it'll take a bit but the Ted boxes also give blast powder

  8. Storm shield assists. Depending on the level you do you can get many of the mini llamas. For every twine assist you get five of them. That and daily missions

  9. All of your heros are worth the three star. Even the ones in your hero team slots because they give you more health

  10. Clip in main then. Also activate the energy boost pylons

  11. The sounds the crab squids make the best and creepiest sound

  12. I've never owned a switch but I'd love one. The last Nintendo console and first gaming experience I ever had was the Nintendo Wii and playing Mario galaxy

  13. They look pretty dirty to me lol but why does everything always gotta be "staged" or "fake" ?

  14. My dad doesn't believe anything I tell him. In his eyes, everyone is a cunt. Mr beast? He didn't buy a store and give it to the needy. All staged. He lives in a big mansion. He doesn't believe he did team trees or team seas. The only thing he does believe anything bbc news says. I wouldn't be surprised if he made a bot to comment on every reddit post and call it fake

  15. If u want to use him, it's worth completing the quests to get one for the collection book

  16. Fnaf the silver eyes. As a fan of fnaf I gave it a go but it just read like a bad fanfiction. Im glad the author was changed

  17. I thought they were cool. I had to go inside for the clippings.

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