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  1. No more than 4, at best. Everything screams awful lifestyle. Take care of yourself, loose weight and please, for God sake, learn how to take pictures, and all will be good. The way you're photographing yourself would be, if we would stop our judgment on pictures alone, be the very first reason why you could be repelling for most of people.

  2. About five with a margin of error of .50. I would say that, with such a lighting, which accentuates the feeling that you're way older than 27 years old, you would rather be on the bottom of my rating than of the top. Eyes are suffering from a slight asymmetry that eyebrows might emphasize.

  3. My bad, I was distracted by the asymmetry of this area, thus thinking that she has negative canthal tilt.

  4. Arched eyebrows don't suit you, in my opinion and in the opposite of

  5. I would not say that you're a 6 like others comments, but yes, you're a bit above average. Maybe 5.75. Eyes area (eyebrows included) are not flattering unfortunately.

  6. I overpluck my eyebrows so I’ll take that into consideration. Do you think if they were fuller they’d be more flattering?

  7. Oh yes, definitely, and if you could also make them longer, it would improve the area, for sure !

  8. in that case would you suggest rhinoplasty?

  9. No, I would never suggest plastic surgery. By the way, lengthening nose is one of the most complicated rhinoplasty. I would just say to be patient, to take care of yourself and to loose a bit of weight. By time, your face will be prettier and your unique features will finally glow and be recognised as they should be.

  10. Beautiful hair. But indeed, as someone already said it, you have a short nose, stuck on a wide, too wide face. You seem being a little overweight which is not flattering your better features such as your lips and your eyes / eyebrows. 4.8

  11. Main flaws are too large lips, too far apart eyes, not darken enough eyebrows and long foreheard. But, the overall is not that bad and your shape's face is very nice. 5.7

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