1. I respectfully challenge your point. Microsoft is in this situation because of the failure of their first party IPs and managing them. I have an Xbox (massive Halo fan here) but they have not managed that series well. Gears of war likewise. Forza has been managed well and thrives. Outside of those three titles what a Microsoft centric IP that is well known ?

  2. You’re right, but I think we’re past the first party IP stage of gaming. It’s just ridiculous how Xbox is trying to move things to the future and Sony is basically doing the opposite. Not sure if you remember when cross play was starting to be discussed, Sony was the reason it didn’t actually happen years earlier than it did.

  3. Exclusives help keep console makers competitive. Also, I don’t see a fraction of the same complaints about Nintendo’s exclusivity.

  4. I get that. Nintendo has always kind of been its own thing though. Hardware and software differences make it impossible to have it truly compete with Microsoft and Sony.

  5. Yes. I psych myself into my symptoms a lot. I know that physical activity makes my symptoms go up. So when I go to play soccer I get all stressed about my symptoms getting worse once I play. But I’m already feeling like I need to throw up by the time I walk in lol.

  6. I get the same way. If my stress isn’t there my anxiety steps up to the plate!

  7. It sucks so bad when I’m with my team and I ask to get subbed out. And they’re like “why aren’t you playing” and I have to do this whole spiel about my bad stomach and that my lungs aren’t giving out but my stomach is etc etc. I’m sure you understand haha

  8. I see your point is but considering most of the things I’ve seen it’s pretty hard to not feel like a piece of shit to approach somebody. Basically a lot of people are asses about it, especially younger people.

  9. Yeah I’m a huge gamer. But I’m not really a fan of team vs team games. I play single player or online 1v1. And those games aren’t shooters/action either so unless it’s a casual COD play session. OW, Val, League etc aren’t my forte.

  10. they're too dumb to realize that getting a # doesn't really help their chances in the dogpile

  11. No? A lot of girls don’t even have notifications on on dating apps. Whereas they’ll definitely at least see a text

  12. Men won’t approach you simply for existing any more. I know for me you have to give me some kind of opening or a reason. Even if a guy has high confidence it’s perfectly reasonable for him to be wary approaching someone without any type of signal.

  13. Van Dijk, fantastic CB and his special card is not worth a 1.4 million coin price hike at all. GKs are obvious because EA refuse to add special GKs for some reason. Also Kyle Walker

  14. Lol. But you said there’s zero reason to take PEDs in soccer. That’s proof there has been doping in soccer and most likely still is. Doping will ALWAYS be so far ahead of testing. You do realize the majority of all professional athletes have doped or are doping right? Testing is so far behind barely anyone gets caught. You’re being purposely blind and naive.

  15. When I refer to PEDs I mainly think of HGH and shit like that. No one actually cares as much as you clearly do, relax

  16. PEDs can cover a large range of drugs. Haha of course you’re gonna say that you just lost this debate. Gullible moron!

  17. I know PEDs cover a large number of drugs. But 90% of the coverage regarding PEDs is HGH and drugs like it. I wasn’t debating you. I’m not gullible It’s just not something I really even pay attention to that much. And I’m confident in the testing procedures that they have now. Try making some friends loser. Because there’s no way a guy named Jizz Lord 69 has any friends.

  18. Yes because insulting for one has never gotten anywhere. also, blatantly correct in an argument of opinion? Sure.

  19. The opinion that mouse and keyboard is a better aiming system than controller isn’t an opinion that’s a fact.

  20. intel, like the dudes who make computers? Lmao not biased at all

  21. They don’t make whole computers. They make microprocessors.

  22. Oof.. bad teeth and bad breath are an absolute no go.. I guess I’ve been lucky and not encountered this but if ya don’t have a great smile and nice teeth I’m not going to be attracted to you anyway.. a guy can be bald, chubby, short, none of that would stop me from dating you but if you don’t have nice teeth, which usually means good oral hygiene, I’m out. My current significant others smile is honestly the sexiest thing ever..beautiful white teeth.. just mmmmm!!!

  23. some people could have perfect hygiene but went through something mentally. Oral hygiene is often really shitty during that time and the effects can be long lasting even after you mentally feel fine again. I’d cut some cut some people a bit of slack…

  24. Lol.. been through my share of mental shit.. my crazy recurring dream all of my life is all of my teeth falling out.. it’s a major deal to me.. If your teeth aren’t taken care of, I truly think there’s more lurking beneath the surface that’s neglected as well.. my teeth aren’t the whitest because they are way too sensitive for the whitening treatments, but by golly they are cleaned and flossed. Everyone has a dealbreaker, bad teeth and oral hygiene are mine.

  25. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have bad teeth as a deal breaker. But what some people consider “bad teeth” is kind of ridiculous.

  26. I responded to the first guy haha

  27. That's scary to think about... as the effort they give feels hollow and like a copy-and-paste situation most times. and put effort into yourself, over effort into thinking about why other 23F aren't interested in dating you. If you're a catch then it's their loss and you have to value yourself before looking for validation from peers. the effort you put into yourself will always be worth it compared to putting it into literally anyone else.

  28. To be quite frank, I don’t really attempt. Dating apps are a sham for basically all men including me. And the social ramifications of looking like a creep make me very very hesitant to approach women.

  29. Here's my advice... Stop punishing yourself for the masses. If you actually want a relationship, you'll make the moves to get there. If you don't want to see someone else in your life, you will refuse to make a change. You have to imagine your life with someone (not anyone specific) but mentally make space for this person you seek to add to your daily routines and they will come along. I would personally rather have my heartbroken 10000x before giving into the idea that people cant date in this culture. It's always gonna be worth the hurt IMO.

  30. Maybe I’m reading your comment wrong but your advice is basically just, go out and get shit on 1000x because it will eventually work. I get that’s how dating is but your success rate as a woman is infinitely higher than mine as a male. Your “didn’t work out” is not having sparks during a date, or whatever. For a man even getting the date in the first place is hard.

  31. It’s seriously unbelievable how many people get absurd amounts of money for being hot

  32. Any bad icon I got got sacrificed into the next icon SBC for me. The 4 87+ base of mids have netted me 87 Gomez, 89 Moore, 88 Desailly, and 90 Butra. Guess which two are still in my club lol

  33. Always sell before upgrade kicks in, in most cases the price will drop after that.

  34. Upvoting cause I have have Guimares and also need an answer here lol

  35. I should’ve sold him during the game. He was 915k and has already dropped to 880k since I listed mine on the market for 5k over cheapest BIN 🙃. I’m still up 200k regardless but that’s kind of annoying

  36. It just isn’t though is it. It’s to try and prevent gameplay soft bans, which still doesn’t work.

  37. I’ve never had an issue with being soft banned. I just find it irritating that for a game mode I can get in and out of in about 30 seconds I’m limited to 60 games

  38. A bit disrespectful to Trinidad & Tobago. Seeing that they are the last Caribbean nation to qualify for a World Cup. And knocked the U.S. out of 2018 contention

  39. Countries like Trinidad qualify because the play their games against other dog shit teams. Also the reffing is always bad and favors dirty play. And this isn’t even mentioning how bad the fields are. They’re used to that environment because it’s their home. The US isn’t.

  40. I’ve been playing/watching for 15 years. Tell me I’m wrong all you want but the US will continue to do nothing if the only international tournament we play besides the World Cup, is the gold cup against a bunch of islands then a final against Mexico.

  41. Ya I work with a guy who makes over $500k/ year, dresses very modestly and walks/rides his bike to the office every day. The only give aways are his kid's top-tier schools and frequent vacations.

  42. I know someone who was a CEO probably had a net worth of $10 million +. Dude drove a Jeep Wrangler and worse jeans and a t shirt when he wasn’t at work.

  43. Bill Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management and billionaire, drives a Honda minivan.

  44. Yep. That same guy told me the key to being rich is living like you’re broke. The only people who buy Lambo’s are the people that are really into cars or people who get money young like pro athletes.

  45. I’m usually finish my games by Saturday but if you wait until late Sunday night more people will give free wins or quit when they go down early.

  46. Yeah I literally just play all my games on Sunday. Honestly getting rewards past 6 wins doesn’t even really matter much. So I just play games and quit if I go down by 2. Opponents usually do the same. Usually end up with 11ish wins but sometimes I get as high as 14.

  47. You have no idea what their personalities are like, because you’ve never met them. What you know is that you’re seeing a lot of profiles with little or no information in them. That doesn’t mean they don’t have personalities. It means they’re not filling out online dating profiles.

  48. Of course that’s more what I mean. But then the same women will get angry when if we match them we send them a pickup line or just a hey or whatever. When they literally give us nothing to go off of. The “information” they give off about 95% of the time is that they want attention and validation because they put nothing in their profiles but IG handles.

  49. Sounds like online dating isn’t working for you (and honestly, you’re coming across as contemptuous of women, so I think it’s giving you a chip on your shoulder that women you meet will absolutely recognize) and you should stop doing it.

  50. I don’t really. And I’m not contemptuous of women. I’m contemptuous of the online dating environment that basically every single thing about modern dating screws over men online and off.

  51. Your growth is fine, you just gotta get it trimmed up

  52. Same. It was the first major event in which I realized the adults in my life were just as clueless/powerless as the rest of us. Seeing real fear in the eyes of virtually every authority figure you know was...odd.

  53. I was born in 00’ so I don’t remember 9/11 but I do remember Sandy Hook. The entire school was put on standstill and we spent the rest of the day watching news broadcasts.

  54. Looks like a water tower, but I have no idea tbh.

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