1. Jesus, I bought a 1,300 square foot house with an 1,800 square foot yard (round numbers) for $390,000 at the end of 2021.

  2. There seems to be no upper limit for how expensive affordable housing can be. I remember the good old days of 2015 when 'affordable' was slightly above market apartments with stainless appliances and granite counter tops. Those same apartments would be over a million to build today ... Just like the plywood mobile homes. This city/state is just incapable of building below market cost.

  3. Working as intended. Peasants can divert to the culvert roads for miles at a time while patricians willing to pay the toll get to use the real road.

  4. And then pat themselves on the back for getting cars off the road by not counting the ones that bypass.

  5. Unfortunately we have never had effective and consistent speed enforcement. I've driven in 15 plus countries and none of them did either. Even with heavy use of cameras people just slow down next to the camera.

  6. I’m not ACAB, but what do you expect when a cop who was fired for a very good cause is reinstated? This feeds right into their narrative that the police are above the law.

  7. I don't agree with the vandalism or reinstatement. We could look at the bright side ... The vandalism didn't target a local business for something that happened 2000 miles away, and the reinstated officer wasn't fired for wrongful death. So it could be worse? I doubt that optimism will stop this from leading to further fun this weekend.

  8. The article conveniently leaves out that they are called pirate hobos because they go around stealing other people's boats, motors, boat parts, etc. Not sure if this guy was one of them, but there is a reason they are not appreciated.

  9. I remember the one you mean ... Was kind of an isolated location. Supposedly really good drinks.

  10. IRC 6103 is much longer than what is summarized in that specific link. Considering the requirement for federal tax returns has been in place for Portland and Multnomah County income taxes for decades I'll assume there's an allowance somewhere in there but I admittedly did not go looking for it.

  11. What Portland or multco income taxes have been in place for decades? You mean there is more than just arts tax, kindergarten, and shs? Arts tax and property tax don't really count here since that doesn't require your federal return. This is a serious question since I'm just a humble washco guy who has never had to send my federal return to a city government in 40 years of working all over the place ... 12 of it here.

  12. Yeah I'm in Washington County with you and didn't know any of the local stuff before I started doing taxes professionally. There's a lot:

  13. I didn't consider business tax. That gives me some hope that the tax division wasnt just thrown together in a hurry in the last two years. I'm sure you're right, but still bugs me to casually mail that much info that they don't need to calculate my tax. They literally need one number from the whole return.

  14. I've been considering leaving since 2020. I don't want front-row tickets to dystopia anymore.

  15. Monkey paw grants your wish ... More likely to be Desantis. Unless the economy is strong I don't see any other outcome and for now we have lots of layoffs, despite decent gdp numbers. Where are the younger faces with broad appeal from Dems?

  16. Probably because in-line skates never figured out the whole "stopping" thing properly, and you're probably gonna eat shit if you try and roll up someone's lawn at 24km/hr.

  17. To be fair, skateboards never figured out stopping until electric. At least for mortals like me who can't foot brake or slide without eating it periodically.

  18. I live near a major arterial and too often my street is used as a means to avoid traffic - every day, we have one or more motorist barreling down our street that has room for one lane of traffic, going about 45-50 mph.

  19. Even my GPS has accepted that it's faster to take side streets at this point. Im not the one speeding, but imagine this is part of the problem. We could really use a program to make the main roads flow better.

  20. That's quite a cliff hanger at the end. Apparently we have a convicted violent criminal living free and relapsing to drugs ... And get 'it's ok' as a statement.

  21. Not sure you are considering all sentencing options. Someone who seriously injured another person while on drugs, and is back on the streets doing drugs ... is concerning to me. We don't get to hear how the judge fixed this situation.

  22. I live a few miles outside, and not in multco. Portland has a major impact on my quality of life since going downtown and doing stuff is one of the reasons I live here. My kids safety is impacted by how Portland is doing.

  23. Thanks, this is exactly the info I was trying find.

  24. I don't get a chance to vote on multco taxes and have limited patience for the argument that this makes me less of a Portlander. As I mentioned, folks from the city are perfectly comfortable clogging up roads to get to natural beauty, and benefiting from those places (where other people live). And that's how it should be since we are a larger metro area.

  25. This is a really nice running loop. Plenty of variations to add distance. It's really not that easy to have 5 plus miles of running in city scenery without leaving parks.

  26. If we had South Africa's homicide rate in Portland there would have been ~230 murders last year. Brazil's murder rate would have netted us ~150 homicides, and that was their lower homicide rate in a decade. I really hate how detached from the reality of the world people have become. Portland is certainly struggling but please get a grip on the hyperbole.

  27. We're comparing ourselves against Brazil and south Africa to feel good now? Holy crap.

  28. No, we're just not equating our suffering to that of others when it is not factually equivalent. This is like the middle class kid complaining that they basically live in poverty because their parents didn't pay for their college. It's gross.

  29. Somehow I became accustomed to having crime 4 to 5 times lower than Brazil. Being only 30 percent lower came as a shock to me.

  30. Heather Canyon is still some of my favorite terrain in the Northwest, but you have to go on a weekday to enjoy it, the weekends at Meadow are insane and too crowded to enjoy.

  31. Driving to Meadows is such a hassle. Everyone joins the traffic to try to get there before 8am when the main lot gets closed. If you wind up at sunrise it's either hike or wait in line for the bus. Or wind up at the Nordic center where I need a bus at the end of the day. And then traffic, or even 26 closed on the way back.

  32. Yea I am seeing that here as well. While rent, about $500/month, and gas ,$1-2/gallon, are cheaper in Portland vs San Jose, LA, or Seattle, everything is is about the same minus the sales tax. In Oregon there are only a handful of places that have good paying salaries, even most college educated people with experience make less than $100k here where as in San Jose, $90-95k/year is pretty much starting salary

  33. Buying a house is still a huge difference, even if rents have cooled in the Bay area.

  34. No it's not. Dinghy in this context would refer to an open sailboat. You can see the windows on the side. Not a dinghy.

  35. I'm guessing islander 24, but could be any number of boats with the flat foredeck.

  36. Gonna jump to conclusions. Not a yacht. (Yachts float, because somebody paid good money and they are taken care of.) Based on sketchy location, vessel was occupied by someone not really into sailing and not into basic boat maintenance, because that vessel has at most 4 openings that would permit sinking. Boat owners are pissed to know that they faced steep fines for spilling a few ounces of oil or an unlocked valve that might pass a turd, and others are given free rein to pollute wantonly.

  37. Most of the sunken vessels are across on Ross island in the boat chop shop (seen in the background). Unusual to see them sink in this location. They do come across to resupply and aquire more stuff, so maybe a night raid gone wrong? Or maybe tried to beach it as it sank?

  38. This doesn't force you to do anything actually. You can still raise rents. You can still Evict for cause.

  39. It forces you to renew a lease for a tenant in the unit for more than a year. In my case that was a deal breaker. If I could end tenancy at the end of the signed lease, like you can everywhere else, it would be feasible.

  40. I doesn't force you to do anything. It adds additional procedure, sure. But no one is forcing you to do anything at all.

  41. Selling a property with a tenant still living there is more than additional procedure. Selling price will be bad and it will most likely be sold to a landlord company because no one else wants to buy it. Why would the tenant cooperate with the sale? or maybe you consider remodeling or having a relative live there additional procedure.

  42. The only way that the Portland metro can see the same downfall as Gary is if Intel and Nike move out of town, or the state government passes a really stupidly designed but well-intentioned environmental bill that kills heavy industry in the state.

  43. Are you trying to say that it can happen or can't happen? I've lived in two places where the major employer severely shrunk. Places like that are more the rule than the exception. Half the voters here would love to see Intel and Nike fail.

  44. It can happen - mostly due to the tax implications of either making Nike pay their fair share of property taxes or Intel’s tax abatement they used to keep them investing here and building new facilities (most recently Ronler)

  45. Got it. I was getting the 'it could never happen' vibe, but misunderstanding.

  46. And with first come rules in Portland the landlord may set up income requirements to avoid being forced into this situation. Technically a landlord would need to accept eight unrelated people each paying 315 ... Unless the listing requirements for income prevent that. Lowering the rent increases your risk. Based on my limited experience, Portland laws drive a lot of unintended consequences.

  47. I'm willing to find out that I'm misinformed, but I am a former landlord who read up on the subject and worked with a professional property manager. What I read and discussed was that landlord could not limit occupancy to less that two people per bedroom. According to web search there was a bill in 2021 to eliminate restrictions based on family relation, but to be honest Im having trouble verifying for sure what is the current law in Portland.

  48. This is why I would consider voting for a challenger to him. It would just depend on who the challenger is.

  49. He's obviously vulnerable, but challenger needs to come along (as you mention). He also has 2 years to show he is part of the solution.

  50. That’s fun! I wonder how many gallons of gas those 24,000 cars burned while idling at the light so one person could cross, when they could just cross one block down at SE milwaukie where there is a built in time for pedestrians during the normal light cycle. Weee! Math!

  51. Estimated from my cars mpg thing ... Around 140 gallons. It's not so much the idling as the stop and restart. If everyone has the same car and commute as me those same 24000 cars burned 7700 gallons getting to work.

  52. George must know is "of the Serene Ass"as it would read in Portuguese. Cap Panaka is Cap dork in Portuguese Master Sifo Dias would be Master got fucked

  53. I don't know Portuguese, but hear a lot of spoken french. Phonetically it sounds like du cul ... of ass. Kind of distracting when they are talking about the 'count of ass' turning to the dark side. I also wonder how much some of these are on purpose.

  54. you realize there are two competing ideologies in america and nothing gets done because the overpolicing side usually wins by a show of force and then wastes money and kills people for no reason aside from bigotry

  55. Shs is notoriously housing first and spends enough to house all homeless according to your study.

  56. We spent well over 50 million on homelessness last year, which is 10,000 per counted homeless person. How do you explain that the problem is not already fixed? According to your study there should be no homeless people left in Portland.

  57. If you own a duplex you are sharing a wall and living on the same tax lot as someone. Literally have to wave good morning to them each day when you head to work. They learn your habits and know when you’re out of town, etc. I’d want to be very picky if I owned a duplex and lived in one. Honestly, if I bought the house next door I’d want to be able to be just as picky but I guess that’s where the leniency stops is when you have two separate tax lots.

  58. If I rent a duplex to two separate tenants they need to wave to each other. I'm just surprised the landlord can be picky for themselves, but not for their tenant. I assume a landlord that lives in a 10 unit building can't bypass either. To me the duplex exemption seems like admitting that the rules don't allow proper tenant screening to protect the neighbors.

  59. Yeah neighbors in the same duplex see each other just like a landlord and a tenant would. But as a landlord it’s different because of the power dynamic and a disgruntled tenant would have a much easier time retaliating against you if they live next door and know where you hide your spare key, what time you get back from work, etc etc. I wouldn’t feel comfortable as a landlord living in one unit and renting the other if I wasn’t able to be extremely picky choosing tenants.

  60. I used to rent a place, and the example that comes to mind is a potential tenant. For some reason they told me that they were section 8 and needed a new place because the previous neighbors hated section 8 families. Apparently the neighbors complained to the landlord and landlord didn't renew lease. Not sure how section 8 was relevant, but I concluded that this person doesn't get along with neighbors (along with some other red flags like proactively threatening to sue me if I didn't take them). At the time the law allowed me to choose someone else, which I did. I would still make that choice in a duplex where I lived, but would be required to take a neighbor from hell in a two tenant duplex. I understand what you are saying about power dynamic, but it just seems like special landlord rights to choose good neighbors. In any case, it's interesting to understand the special rules that apply to a duplex.

  61. It's a vegetable at least ... I think?

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