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  1. The non divisible mag's supposed to tell you that the mag is empty since you'll recognize thr shorter burst.

  2. If I remember right from Forgotten Weapons another piece is that A. 3 round burst was more for training and B. the magazine was made with certain size specifications, so the maximum amount was 25 bullets

  3. 3 rd burst wasn't for training it was just a bad idea that a lot of rifles got put on them during that era.

  4. To quote Snoop Dogg about Mitt Romney, “He a ho.”

  5. i think he would, actually. the twist would be that he'd still be cruel to trans people for having any preference at all

  6. I tried to look up the clips of her being gay on Youtube and all I could find were 40+ year old men who looked like they’d never showered bitching about it. I wish I were joking.

  7. For me, Nuka World would be much lower. I’m happy you found something in it I couldn’t though!

  8. You just made this to show off your musical talent!

  9. This song is outstanding, do NOT disrespect yourself!

  10. Is Fox News a US media company?

  11. Fun fact, Carlson testified in court that Fox News is not news but rather entertainment. This f’ing guy.

  12. If you can dance that well, no one has the right to tell you what song you can’t dance to

  13. In my experience, it's typically a 1 year Office 365 subscription that's bundled, not a permanent license.

  14. I looked into my account and it says I have a subscription to Microsoft 365 personal with non recurring billing. Does this mean it’s a 1 year thing and then they won’t bill me, but they’ll remove it?

  15. tbh i think he just meant to get rid of it because there's no more room on the bookshelf lol

  16. There are three non Diary of a Wimpy Kid books on that shelf and the only one he mentioned was Harry Potter.

  17. I can. But I also reported a few of them to get them banned.

  18. Yeah. To the admins. It's tough to do and requires a lot of hoops.

  19. Ah. I’ll keep that in mind though, I thought it was impossible!

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