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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

My kindergarten teacher, my cat, my mom, and you.

How a lot of people feel right now

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I'm in this with you.

  1. "This Feeling" is one of the most uncomfortable bits in Inside or The Outtakes, rivaled only by some of the later mirror confessionals. I

  2. I'm amazed you had the patience to transcribe that. I just found the whole thing so irritating that I lost any interest in whatever message he was trying to get across.

  3. This Feeling leaves with 10% of the vote. This was a close one, there were a couple of them just a vote or two behind. Everything had at least one vote, but after two rounds there definitely seems to be solid groupings for front, middle and back of the pack.

  4. So Moist leaves with 14% of the vote. A fairly high percentage when there are 22 choices to start with. Three (including Moist) had 10%+, four had no votes, and a few others just a single vote. I can't believe the one I wanted out didn't have 100% of the vote!

  5. Btw, is every scene gonna be in the voting pool every single week, or are you gonna do the thing where a selection of them are voted on?

  6. Hey! Please choose a different question to do this. Reddit Admin have removed slurs from the sub before even when used in context of a quote.

  7. Lol I was sure you'd decided to wait until after the Inside anniversary in case Bo dropped something new

  8. That would be nice if we continued to get annual releases from him.

  9. I really really wanted to separate that out somehow because that it one of my fave things, fit in with the other bts stuff.

  10. Please just add this to your previous post and link to the picture rather than have it as a separate post. Thanks!

  11. Maybe the person who reported this as not being related to Bo hasn't seen Make Happy?

  12. Going to delete this as the original it was crossposted from was deleted.

  13. I can see a subtitle in the Make Happy one, but I can't read what it says, do you remember what it was?

  14. It doesn’t say (and I’m having some tech issues with seeing the article but I read it line by line… and… it’s hilarious) it’s an add on to Alexa and there will be “Burnham” plus memberships. The way they describe what it can do is just 🤌I’ll copy as soon as it works but here’s a taste:

  15. Deleting, it's a repost looking for that sweet sweet karma.

  16. Thanks for posting, that was a good read. Such a great show.

  17. Watching those was the highlight of my day, thank you for sharing! And well done! 👏

  18. We're up to six different spammers trying to sell these shirts now.

  19. Why is this comment pinned on my post? Are you saying I’m one of the six spammers, or are there spammers trying to sell these designs I’ve proposed? I’m making it for myself and a friend; I haven’t messaged anyone on here about selling these, and no here has reached out to me.

  20. No, I wasn't including you, as I'm assuming you'd purchase it through the official store. If I thought your were selling them your post would've been removed.

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