1. Assuming you’re a male, D&G The One EDP or The One Intense, you should be able to find The One EDP 100mL for around $60 on FragranceNet with the 40% coupon. It’s a gorgeous scent and right for school because it has modest projection and thus you won’t wage chemical warfare on the people around you like Spicebomb Extreme might in a classroom.

  2. I’m only in in mid-20s but man oh man do I wish I had worn actual fragrances back when I was in high school. Instead I wore Axe and shitty Adidas sport colognes stored in my gym locker and probably smelled like dog shit lol

  3. Most of the time that happens it's because I sprayed too much or got a whiff while most of it was still in the air. With Reserve Privee I don't go past 2 sprays. Lots of other frags I tend to average 3 cause I have 3 areas I target. I consider myself lucky since a bottle can last half a decade at my rate.

  4. Yeah I sprayed it on my wrist and the front of my neck, so only two sprays but next time I might try spots that face away from my nose, like the back of my neck and maybe the back of my elbow (though this might be impossible in cold weather wearing long sleeves...).

  5. Gee, I’d love to get booed for failing at my job if it meant I still got paid millions of dollars and could date supermodels even if I looked like a muskrat.

  6. Unbelievable. This is an embarrassment to the Yankees organization.

  7. Strictly story-wise, and not counting gameplay or graphics, would someone who loved the original Modern Warfare trilogy like this MW2 if he was kinda disappointed by the 2019 Modern Warfare?

  8. I beat the campaign and didn’t think it was as good as MW 2019 but it’s still solid. The pacing is ruined at some points by stealth and crafting heavy missions and way too many armored enemies that are torture on higher difficulties, but it’s still fun. I did think the story felt more “high-stakes” in the last game, overall.

  9. Roger Maris's granddaughter(?) is beautiful. I am not beautiful. That is all.

  10. I hope Judge doesn't fall short of beating Maris. Only 21 games left to hit 7 more homers

  11. Is his daughter still asking for ice cream haha she's adorable

  12. This team is going to (hopefully....) win around 92 games at this rate, which is really quite atrocious when you start 56-21. Just a collapse of unbridled magnitude.

  13. Even Derek Jeter had to grow a beard once he wasn't a Yankee lol

  14. ARod and Jeter going to be together on the Kay Rod ESPN show I wonder how awkward that will be lmao

  15. On Meredith’s Instagram stories there’s a vid of her where you can get a nice glimpse of those warlocks.

  16. Got to see Jasson hit a bomb about 30 mins ago at the Renegades/Blueclaws game. He’s shorter than most other players but boy is he beefy in person.

  17. If it had gone on any longer, the game would have needed to see a doctor.

  18. I feel bad for the baby in this commercial whose mom will be 79 when they graduate college

  19. Wait, did I dream that Luetge was traded to the Dodgers? Is this real life?

  20. Chris Rose low key went in on the Yankees, both Cash and fans) on Baseball Today... and he's not wrong. Not like in a mean trolling way, but in a "we are disappointed but trying to convince ourselves we aren't disappointed" way about not getting either Castillo or Soto.

  21. I'm not disappointed that we didn't get Castillo considering the Mariners paid a ton.

  22. They're the best in baseball at scouting and developing. So even though they often draft near the bottom in the draft, they make them count and don't "miss" as often as the Yankees have in the last decade.

  23. Honestly, I think even if the Yankees were 100% devoted to getting Soto, they’d only have a chance if the Cardinals, Padres, and Dodgers dropped out of the running. Our farm system is pretty solid but can’t compare with their combination of blue chip prospects and depth.

  24. Is Benintendi going to play for us today? That has to be so surreal. How many times has a player been traded and has to face his previous team the next day? And even weirder, riding on a team plane with your former team en route to your current one, haha.

  25. Ichiro in 2012 was traded to the Yankees early in the morning the 23rd of July and then played his former team on the evening of July 23rd.

  26. We can’t hit, our rotation is thin, our relievers’ elbows are breaking off!

  27. I know we expect the haul for Soto would be astronomical but I think we'll be shocked by how much it ultimately takes to get Castillo if we do acquire him. Not in the same ballpark as Soto but enough to really sting quite badly.

  28. Damn, Mike Trout was diagnosed with a rare back condition called "Costovertebral Dysfunction at T5". Hope he doesn't follow the same path as guys like Mattingly, Wright, and Griffey Jr.

  29. You tried to sneak David Wright in there like we wouldn’t notice

  30. Hey he's still a New York guy I have nothing but respect for him.

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