1. If we dont take into consideration costs of anything, including exploatation, repairs, fuek ecomomy etc

  2. Silverfishes, Baby Zombies, Vexes and Phantoms

  3. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/triforge

  4. I just wish it was ported to 1.18.2

  5. Is it currently the focus? I remember seeing their updates and that they were focusing adding new dragons and dimensions and I thought 1.18.2 wont be uodated anytime soon. But if it will then sweet!

  6. To be honest I dont think there is a pack I would personally would like to play forever so thats the reason I made my own - Triforge. But I think that mainly comes from my diffrent approach than people seem to have here as I see most are saying some expert packs like Enignatica or GTNH - They are amazing experience but If I were to play something forever I would like it to be rather simple experience not requiring me to do grand machine for any craft and also give me an option to do many diffrent things depending on the mood. What i mean it would have to include magic, tech, adventure and some fun building experience.

  7. Anywhere outside euro zone you can live off easily by 1k$ a month. Europe isnt only european union superpowers but also eastern europe and balkan countries

  8. Yeah absolutely, but it’s not “most of the EU” lmao.

  9. Anything west of german/polish border so basically biggest european economies: germany, france + spain and portugal which work kind of diffrent with prices due to being huge tourist destinations as being european warmest countries. But if insteaf going west from that point you go south you have whole part of europe that is easily survivable with 1k$/month

  10. i dont know why everyone keeps insisting it wont be managed by real people. they are extremely rich and probably can afford hiring 20 people to run through a few thousand reports daily.

  11. So you think a huge company will do its work right with ensuring that nobody will get banned after false report? You also belive in companies fighting for lgbt rights after they put rainbow logo once a year on their western pages only, or you believe that banks really want to lend you money to actually help you?

  12. Valhelsia or Better Minecraft are Vanilla+ modpacks

  13. Rubidium fucks up with wholw forge + stella isnt working as it should anyway

  14. Nice idea for promotion but giving any actual information about the pack here in the post probably would not hurt

  15. Wait 1.4+ finally has modloader support?

  16. My pack Triforge is fairly light so I recommend checking it out on Curseforge as it might suit your needs

  17. Everyone likes the post? Content is original? Sorry but fun isnt allowed and get ready for post takedown because no memes! -Sincerely very fun people from mod team

  18. 1.18.2 / 1.16.5 / 1.12.2 / 1.7.10 These are main modded communities but keep in mind that the ones in the middle are the most grown when 1.18 is still growing but has a great potential and 1.7.10 is huge although pretty oldschool mods are there rather than new releases.

  19. I dont see how anything could be more justified than this. People need to make money especially if they're modding the game as a full time job. Legally you could go either way. Their are court cases that rule in favor and against this type of thing, specifically with Patreon. I just dont see what a better option would be. Modders need to make a living too

  20. Modding isnt full time job and is a hobby. Just because you refuse to work a real job for working on a hobby doesnt mean anyone is supposed to pay you for it now. If you want money from gamedev then go and gamedev your own code and project instead making modifications for someones else code. Sure supporting modders by donations is fine and extra money can support them but its not meant to fund their whole life and become main source of income.

  21. I havent found one that would give me that long term fun so I made my own - Triforge One of its premises (others are lightweight and multiplayer friendly) is to be fun for longer times. Ideally for some long smp with friends or even public server

  22. You don't even need to play for very long to see that the majority of the playerbase plays exactly like this.

  23. And when they are rats they lose so you pretty much contradicted your entire statement about game favouring that playstyle. Git gut.

  24. Do you even know what contradiction means? Clearly not if you had the audacity to post that reply. Here is another word you can try looking up - upset (competition)

  25. "Audacity" lol get off the high horse dude Its not that I cannot understand your argument, its that you dont make any sense and all you needed to show how wrong your point is were 2 comments lol. There is no advantage to ratting because any "decent" rat player will almost always lose to any decent aggresive player. How can game reward and encourage ratting if they lose almost every fight? If both players know the map well along with paths corners etc then making constant chaotic noise will always be superior to sitting silently in a corner and revealing your position by random zooming or anything. Additionally to that comes decyns advantage meaning player peaking always will see the enemy first if they know which corner to check and ratlings just get screwed in almost e ery situation. Only way for a rat to win an encounter is waiting for massive misplay from aggresive player which doesnt prove rat playstyle advantage at all

  26. Hi Triforfge Author here, looks like you encountered our biggest problem we have with that pack - which is random world freeze. I would really like to help with direct fix but we havent found a solution ourselves yet. There is no crash and no info in logs, nothing. Literally no indicator of what is causing that. We tried many things and the last thing we can do is binary testing but that crash is so random that it would require tons of time from us which we currently dont have due to irl work (since our team is just my friend and me and noone else)

  27. Im using pebble for some time and it runs great for my pack so I can recommend that one. What I dont recommend is Bisect for sure. They seem like they are super good when you see them promoted everywhere but their specs sucks and every time I tried their hosting I had only bad expetience. Apex seems like nice option but they are kinda pricey especially if $/€/£ isnt your country currency. Another point that is pretty huge here is that Better Minecraft isnt really that good on multiplayer in terms of performance, it can lag quite a lot. If I remember right it required like 8gb of RAM so for a server of 6 people you would want something around 10-12gb depending how you play, if you use same chunks or not. If you would want something more lightweight in style of BM but with less features I can also recommend my pack - Triforge. But thats just a shameless promotion if you find Better Minecraft too heavy in the end.

  28. That's the single dumbest response you could have said. You can't just avoid one of the most popular mods of all time, especially in the big modpacks.

  29. You can easily lol. Dont play botania centered packs and disable it in others. There are more quality modpacks than you can play in your whole life so Idk wheres the problem

  30. but botania has some aspects that are genuinely fun for me. If theres a mod that removes the annoying part and leaves the fun, why wouldnt i use it?

  31. Idk Im not arguing about that aspect. Im talking solely about avoiding it if you can.

  32. I assume you're running 1.18.2 (as it says on your modpack name on flair) so i must say, 8gb on a 1.18 server is not nearly enough for 40 players, hell, 8 gb on a 1.16 server is not enough for 40 players, i must admit that i did not looked at the mod list but if your running over 100 mods with a few "heavy" mods in the mix, i can almost guarantee that the server running by itself is prob using 5-6.5Gb of RAM untouched, which leaves, well, not nearly enough remaining ram for even 10 players to properly play the game, let alone 40

  33. I do not expect 8gb to be nowhere enough for 40 players. I was just expecting to be it enough for at least 10 players and not choking under load of 6. Server by itself uses like 3-4gb and Im just shook that every player uses so much extra memory.

  34. Its very possible, but I'll be very honest, your modpack is not made with multiplayer in mind, there's some serious TPS killers in the mod list, Immersive weathering is the one that stands out the most.

  35. Thanks for pointing that out, I was wondering if weathering may incluence that somehow but didnt know it is that bad. Probably will remove it along couple other mods then

  36. I highly suggest any pams harvestcraft mods and crop sticks for general farming, as well as if you are using a server looking into mcmmo to aid in leveling, it's a plugin not a mod so it won't help if you aren't running a server. As far as I understand the best mod for dinosaurs is jurassicraft, and primalcore may also be one to look into like for starting items and caveman stuff. Good luck!

  37. Farmers delight > pam honestly Especially with how many compat mods and datapacks are there

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