1. I mean, yeah, they both are, but children are a worthy investment. Marriage is a joke.

  2. I mean, if you want children and can afford them, go ahead. But if someone is struggling financially, I don't thing having them is a very good decision. And yeah, I agree with you on marriage.

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly about child reading financially. Sometimes however, it happens, even with birth control, and I'll never regret the way mine were brought in to this world (I was underage with 1st). It actually saved my own life, I went through college for my masters degree, and still struggle, but every day is bearable only because of my two kids.

  4. Fair enough. My mom had to raise my sister and I on her own for most of our lives. I know she loved us and all, but I also saw her give up on her dreams and struggle with her own problems. Can't help but feel that things might have been better if she had chosen to wait a bit longer, or not have me at all. Idk.

  5. A financial abortion (also known as a paper abortion or a statutory abort) would essentially enable men to cut all financial and emotional ties with a child in the early stages of pregnancy

  6. That's pretty fucked up, but better then, rather than after the child is born.

  7. I generally avoid conflict as much as possible, but when I can't, I usually just use "whatever man" or "if you say so"

  8. Fair point. Would you love to lose your virginity? Or is something you don’t really care about?

  9. It was okay I guess. Not the best thing I've tasted, but far from the worst.

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