1. 6 fingers on my right, 4.5 fingers on my left, and 3 fingers on my secret third hand

  2. Well, you could always use your voice recorder? Singing into your microphone will do the trick, without having to read or write on the computer or paper

  3. Well if you browse through the sub, you'll find lots of people asking the same question, so that should help!

  4. I've noticed a particular breed of very skinny cow, and it almost always means Cambodia

  5. We scored 9 goals in a game and then bought two of the defenders. I will forever respect Southampton for that coup

  6. I think you pretty much nailed it. Rhyme is hella constraining, and non rhyme usually sounds bad. Tbh even being aware of the problem probably puts you ahead of a lot of people.

  7. I really do read most of the posts here and I feel like I know this comment by heart 🤣.

  8. In that case you're probably familiar with... My standard advice on lyrics!

  9. Education policy doesn't just need to be uninformed opinion. There's actual research that people do.

  10. Without a doubt Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts.

  11. I don't know if it's ever been properly studied. Anecdotally, people will say things like 'Carlsen has been in great form the last few months!"

  12. Have you never had a cold? It's uncomfortable, but you don't suffocate. You just blow your nose a bunch and sometimes breathe through your mouth

  13. That doesn't mean they're inversely proportional. Inverse proportionaluty would mean that as the odds of them existing increases, the odds of meeting them decreases. It doesn't apply in this context

  14. Honestly the best revenge is a life well lived. If you hate them as people, why let them live rent free in your head? It would be one thing if they were making decent money off it or something, but odds are they're just playing to their 11 fans, before they break up and are forgotten within the next two years.

  15. I think having to work within certain restraints can force your brain to think in ways it isn't used to. Put your self in a situation where your mind isn't able to rely on the repetitive trucks it likes.

  16. I think you're right in that it's kinda a totally different game from regular chess, but it's still a very fun game in its own right.

  17. If you want to do thrash specifically, I'd say it probably helps to write over drums. Find a metal drum beat on YouTube or something (or program one yourself, if that takes your fancy) and blast it into your headphones while you improvise guitar riffs over it.

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