Isekai Ojisan - Episode 3 discussion

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  1. Hmmmm i wonder if I can find "dance workout black metal" then haha. Jk, I'll give it a go!

  2. My macros used to be done for me but now I'm doing it myself, I'm struggling to figure out which calculator to use. I know in the long run it might not matter all that much, but I put the same information into the nSuns sheet and tdeecalculator.net and got a 400kcal variance for TDEE! What are people using to get their TDEE?

  3. You get tdee by trial and error, not calculators

  4. Maybe. This is actually my second time technically. The first time I had only half a scoop in one bottle of water and felt no results, so this second time I tried a full scoop in one bottle of water. I never really drank many things with caffeine before this, so maybe I have a low tolerance to caffeine.

  5. Check how much caffeine is in one scoop

  6. That's way too much for a caffeine-newbie.

  7. I was in 1-2 week progress for a new cycle of Boring But Big program and was struck down with flu for a week.

  8. Usually I would take the week off as extra rest and just continue the program, maybe even push myself a little harder. If instead I were sick, I would definitely deload and work back up. 1-2 weeks is gonna fly by in no time!

  9. Isn't misogynistic asshole the better word to use them? Don't see how this is different from calling feminists men haters when only a part of them are.

  10. Why are you changing the terminology? It's disgusting how you're trying to gaslight people.

  11. Haven't played in like 10 years. Have they added new content to the game since then? Like is this game still being actively developed?

  12. As far as I know the Korean version is still being actively developed

  13. Deleted my comment originally, but, even with a VPN I still cannot register. I get to the register page, as my email was validated and all, but it keeps giving me a Restrict Access popup anytime I try to say create my account.

  14. I'm having the same problem now. Didn't have it in the morning.

  15. Turns out it's a third-rate country with a second-rate military (with some number of working nukes) and first-rate corruption.

  16. Ottamatta kantaa sen enempää aiheeseen mutta tartun tuohon ilmaisuun "miehet", tuohan ei siis tarkoita että kaikki miehet iskevät vaan useampi kuin yksi mies iskee.

  17. En ota itsekään kantaa asiaan, mutta samalla periaatteella toimisi seuraava lause: "Naiset tappavat miehiä kuin kärpäsiä" ja sitten katsotaan muutama tappo tai murhatuomio. Kyllä ainakin pari naista on tappanut miehiä niin ei tuo heittiomerkkien lause valheellinen ole...

  18. Ainakin he olivat rehellisempiä ennen uraa politiikassa.

  19. Tämä käyttäjä on aika varmasti venäjä-trolli. Kuunnelkaa sen juttuja tietyllä varauksella.

  20. I wonder if he can. It's one thing to project the image directly from the mind, it's another entirely to put into a readable video format.

  21. They could record the magic screen with a camera.

  22. I mean there are A TON of problems. First, the building structure itself and maintenance is very expensive and a recurring cost. Second, you lose the vast majority of your natural light. You now have to pay for this light via grow lamps. Water is the same thing. Instead of water being used as a supplement when there hasn't been much rain, it now has to be entirely provided. Pumping it around a tall building is yet another energy cost. The reason they're doing this in the first place is because the climate is too hot to grow the crops normally. Which means the entire building is going to have to be climate controlled too.

  23. So your astounding ground-breaking physical property problems are just money problems? That's EASY to solve.

  24. Kävin tuossa taannoin Saksassa. Arvaa mitä siellä puhuttiin? Saksaa. Arvaa kuka puhui saksaa? Hitler. Ei tarvitse olla hirveän viksu, että osaa laskea 1 + 1. Lisäksi Pohjois Saksassa saamani currywursti oli vaan Frankfurter nakkeja jonka päällä oli vähän curry maustetta. Ei maistunut kovin hyvälle.

  25. Että tämmönen venäjän trollitehtaan asukas.

  26. Well now you don't have to type it.

  27. I don't know about Carbon, but the type is optional. You only specify it when the compiler can't deduce it.

  28. Mr.girl has many mental illnesses and should get professional help, not spreading their toxic ideals to the masses.

  29. You are not an incel then. I know this comment was deleted but for those reading. An incel is an extremist group, not just involuntary celibates. You can be Cristiana without be catholic. You can be involuntary celibate without being an incel.

  30. Incel is not a an extremist group. INCEL = INVOLUNTARILY CELEBATE

  31. Ottaen huomioon, että kaikki mikä maistuu joltain (mm. suola, sokeri ja rasva) on epäterveellistä, niin varmaan olisi elämänsä kunnossa sen jälkeen.

  32. Rasva on kyllä helvetin terveellistä. Sitä tarvitaan esim. hormonitoiminnan tasapainoon.

  33. Damn, I didn't know it was Korean! I guessed Japanese because it was black and white.

  34. Amazon sucks when you have warranty issues, especially with a third-party seller.

  35. Amazon is perfect when you have warranty issues. They just send you a new device, basically no questions asked.

  36. Well, not how I’ve experienced it. The problem is the third party sellers. If they deny your warranty, Amazon won’t do shit.

  37. I had a recently a dispute with a 3rd party seller and the amazon rep was ready to issue a full refund, so I haven't experienced the issues you have. I guess just don't buy from 3rd party sellers. Amazon warehouse should have everything you will ever need. (Whether such monopolies are good in the long run is a different question.)

  38. Mikä vitun Ruokalahti? Pystytä rauhassa Hanimeen se saatananan turska patsas.

  39. Okay. I understand. I think I am just strange because I like Mastodon. However, Twitter is probably much easier to use, and I should create an account.

  40. Are you having a mental episode? You don't have to make a twitter account. You can view status updates on

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