1. https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/10ju9x5/oc_doin_data_2022_a_35m31f_married_couple/j5myf19/

  2. I am German. Every bakery here always offers ones with salt and without salt. Salt ruins pretzels and was not originally used on them because it was so expensive back in the day. Salt is just not right. It tastes bad and is not good for you. Think about it: you have to watch your salt levels, I can eat how many pretzels I want 😎

  3. Sen my condolences to Germany 😔 the dislike of salt will mourned but never forgotten

  4. Backed up by what? I don’t think any psychologist would sink so low to confirm that. This shit makes me irrationally angry.

  5. God damn. Yakutsk is on the same height as Northern Europe. That’s crazy bro.

  6. Play it backwards and it looks like it’s a jet powered rocket train.

  7. It's parallel tracks overlapping each other.

  8. As someone working out for 15+ years in public gyms

  9. Fair enough but… I thought people go to gyms for health reasons 🤨

  10. There have been people like this forever, they just happen to film themselves now because they think they aren't being big dickheads and are justified in their thinking.

  11. That’s the worst thing in general. People like that can connect and form bubbles through social media where they get their views validated.

  12. Estonians don’t either. They lost all their men during Soviet reign and as is common knowledge: women don’t poop.

  13. Let's keep it accurate, it's phenotype not gender.

  14. Brazil and France, Uruguay and France, Paraguay and France, Bolivia and France, Peru and France, Algeria and France, South Korea and France, Viet-Nam and France, Saudi-Arabia and France , India and France, Greece and France, Ethiopia and France, Mexico and France, Senegal and France, Japan and France, South-Africa and France and more too

  15. Some images shows both Earth angled on its axis like / or \ , but i think most go to /, so it may be indeed not correct

  16. Thing is it doesn’t matter because earth always spins along it’s axis

  17. That took me an embarrassing amount of time to get

  18. I had French in school so it confused the hell out of me 😅

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