1. right? its like people paying hundreds of thousands for magic cards. do you know how easy it is to just print your own?

  2. It's way different, people buy magic cards because they can be played and used, and the reason why they get a greater valued is because they are really more rare since you can't create/copy your own, only wizards can.

  3. This post was very good, personally I'm very interested in languages, so I like when a world has some interesting linguistic stuff going on, the depth it adds is so great, and from a builder point of view, it helps building the cultures a lot while doing the languages.

  4. umm actually if there was no european itwouldn't be called indo-european it would be called indo-persian or something like that🤓

  5. Actually it wouldn't be called "indo" since that is a word from latin, that borrowed it from greek(that borrowed it from old persian...that borrowed it from sanskrit), and both latin and greek wouldn't exist 🤓 it would be called 𐏃𐎡𐎯𐎢𐏁𐎱𐎠𐎼𐎿 or something

  6. The city of Werdbrëgh in the vannsen empire was probably the most used for diplomacy for ages, specially during the high kalaani era, actually little after the kingdom of east warvia, from which the city was the capital, merged with other two countries to form the empire.

  7. I think I wrote/said "glew" a couple of times already, so yeah, I agree

  8. I wish I knew what they were saying. Still funny tho. Did make me smile & laugh. Thanks for posting this OP.

  9. Have they always been there? If not how did they got there? Is the moon habitable?

  10. The thing is, as every Mistral is proficient in magic, every part of a Mistral settlement requires magic to function. Stairs are pretty rare, for many prefer to use levitation or teleportation. Illusions are far more common and used as a form of art, leading many non magic users to simply fall into "really obvious traps". Going to a Mistral city without magical abilities is similar to going into a city from the near future without a phone or the concept of internet.

  11. I like their "sadistic" side, they don't actually want to do bad to the person directly, just want to watch them fail. Very nice work dude

  12. э, к, and њ represent the three of the four tones on this tree and the vowel preceding it is toned according to which symbol is after the vowel and the fourth tone is not marked because it's "normal pitch" њ = "low" к = "high falling" э = "high"

  13. America was named after Amerigo Vespuchi, another explorer for Spain and/or Portugal. Or it could have been named for a mountain range in Nicaragua, but people are pretty sure it is the former.

  14. Yep, it's the female form of the latinized version of "amerigo", he, a carthographer, was the first(if I remember correctly) to say that the americas were not the indies, and actually a landmass unknkown by the europeans.

  15. Literally any nation in North America works. Canada USA or Mexico. Army Africa recommendations though are Ghana or Kenya.

  16. The fact that you excluded every other north american country proves that not all of them are really main characters

  17. Also invaded a couple of countries "for democracy", bombed some families and implanted far right dictatorships in basically all of south america.

  18. One could argue it represents [ŋ] with <ñ>. It didn't go into much depth with phonology, so we don't know if it intended [ŋ] to be possible word-initially.

  19. According to Wikipedia at least, it's definitely not a new idea:

  20. Knew about kazakh, but it looks like it's not that unique...still weird tho

  21. "The tongue" is a language that was used by lainara(eldritch spiritual entities) to communicate between each other and with other spiritual beings.

  22. I mean, just think about what those things are. What's the atomic makeup of a tooth? A hair?

  23. I think it would be very unhandy, too many big molecules in biological tissue, not impossible tho

  24. Which question am I answering in the poll? The one in the title or the one at the end of the description?

  25. Uma IA de conversa, a glr usa pra fazer perguntas já q o chatgpt tem um banco de dados gigante e geralmente responde bem perguntas sobre qqr coisa

  26. Basically portuguese loaning english words that were loaned from french cognates

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