1. Just to let you other morons know, ever since they fired Chris Harrison, The Bachelor's ratings have sunk to an all-time low and is on the verge of cancellation. Not surprising when you fire a well-liked host. When you go woke, you go broke.

  2. If you want to downvote me, go right ahead. That is not going to hurt me in the fucking least.

  3. I don't give a shit what anybody else thinks. I don't reply to comments, therefore save your time and energy and move along.

  4. People have less disposable cash to spend on non-essential items. Inflation has taken its toll on the U.S. economy. Let's hope it gets better.

  5. Bengals fans are now saying the NFL is rigged. Puh-leeze. 😳😯

  6. The original Burke was one of my favorite characters and I thought had more chemistry with Vicki. The second Burke was more stiff and, in my opinion, lacked chemistry with Vicki.

  7. David Henesy played David Collins SO WELL!! He was a fantastic child actor! I wish he had continued acting into adulthood. He could be sweet and lovable (especially in scenes with Burke) or a very believable borderline sociopath!

  8. David is a fantastic actor, playing an unlikable character.

  9. Aww … I like David Collins! Got to cut him a break. His mother is a Phoenix. His father a borderline alcoholic, self absorbed mess, his Aunt Elizabeth hasn’t left the house in 18 years, his cousin Barnabas a vampire, his friend Sarah a ghost along with his friend Josette at the old house a ghost. The poor kid is barely hanging on! lol

  10. I saw Damar trending on Twitter and was expecting to see good news, instead I saw this hot garbage. Shameful

  11. Me too. Saw him trending and I thought it would be good news and saw this craziness.

  12. Frazier definitely needs to be gone. Not making any game plan changes after the first half is inexcusable. I also think Dorsey may be on his way out. He called some really bad plays yesterday. Hopefully, Dorsey will get the head coaching job with the Panthers.

  13. Bottom line, the team cannot be a Josh Allen one-man team. The Bills cannot win this way.

  14. Von miller's absence was huge. With Miller we were 4th in qb pressure. After he went down we were 24th. Would he have changed the outcome of the game? Probably not, the Bills got outplayed on all fronts. Changing that one wouldn't be enough. The fact we sunk so far with just his absence is alarming as well.

  15. I agree. Von's absence was huge, but was it enough to win the game? Probably not.

  16. My take is having Hamlin back in the locker room, against the Bengals again was deflating for the team. I know they said they ran out of gas and people are looking at that like it's an excuse and that these people are paid millions to go out there and play but in reality, they're human just like the rest of us. Emotions are hard to control, negative or positive. You're amped for the big game but in the back of your mind you've got the last game in your head, and you just can't shake it. Then you go out there and get punched in the mouth early and it's just hard to recover. The team dealt with quite a bit of tragedy in the city of Buffalo this season, coupled with a difficult, albeit successful season and emotionally I think they were just drained. Knowing players like Poyer aren't returning next season probably didn't help either. I think we can all be disappointed in how this team finished out this season but in reality, something had to break eventually and sadly it happened today.

  17. Hey Mafia... If our players can share hugs and congrats with Bengals players, maybe don't be jerks to the Bengals fans that pop in here with kind intentions... It hurts, but I'll still be rooting for them to smash the Chiefs.

  18. I had dreams last night about Bills touchdowns. I really hope that is a good omen.

  19. I loved The Beginning. The black and white episodes makes it more gothic and eerie. Loved the performance of the cast, especially Vicki, Burke, Roger, Elizabeth and David. The beginning is more of a traditional soap opera with some supernatural and mystery thrown in. Enjoy the show!

  20. Oh no, more fanboying from Romo. I wish he would give it a rest.

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