1. Oh that’s a beautiful bowl of it, too. Much nicer bread shape than the bowl I was talking about.

  2. She’s saying this as though Fr*nch Onion Soup isn’t intellectual?!!??

  3. Cmon Aaron, the fact your name is Aaron isn't helping me figure this out, Aaron. WHAT IS YOUR NAME AARON.

  4. Okay fine, I’ll give you another hint. The first two letters are A, the third letter is R, the fourth letter is O, and the fifth and final letter is N.

  5. Lil guy is even touching grass, and y'all should do the same too 🙏

  6. No, that’s obviously ich, you can see the things that look like grains of salt…

  7. Looks like Moneywort if I am not mistaken.

  8. every piece of literature uses the same 26 letters does it really matter if I copy someone else ?

  9. every piece of literature uses the same 26 letters does it really matter if i copy someone else ?

  10. Do ya’ll say plekko (rhymes with “let go”) or play-ko? For pleco.

  11. While we're at this, I am genuinely curious about this subs opinion on some tanks like

  12. I think this could be cool for shrimp, but it looks like there’s really little to no space for the fish to swim/explore. I have seen examples of giant fish bowls, which have the benefit of the prettiness while also providing adequate space.

  13. I have always loved Draco, Andromeda, and Regulus, but Harry Potter made all of them a little questionable.

  14. Epsilon is also a global marketing company, not sure how strong most people’s association with it is but it’s the first thing I thought of.

  15. Isn't it the story when their house was burgled?

  16. I would add at least four more of the skirt tetras (that’s the kind glofish are if I’m not mistaken). They’re schooling fish and will be happier in a larger group.

  17. Don’t listen to them. They’re wrong. They’re all wrong. Every last one. Don’t change anything. Sentences are overrated.

  18. Call them phalluses. That the proper term for deep intellectual smut

  19. Then they shalt revel in the most profound folly of man. Those that pass the test will hath been chosen, not by any higher power, but by themselves.

  20. Just make sure their parents are dead because that’s very sad and automatically justifies murder. You know? Just write!

  21. That idea has never been explored though.

  22. I'm already the ideal human being and 90% of the way through writing a book about it. You will have to duel me to the death for the spot.

  23. But doesn't this mean that you're neither perfect nor otherworldly gifted because you didn't think of either of these titles on your own?

  24. Ugh. You’re right. I suppose I’ll just have to get entirely and completely wasted and plant my face into my keyboard repeatedly until perfection writes itself.

  25. I’ve been looking at the top left word in the second panel for quite awhile now, but cannot figure out what it is. “Is eht”?

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