1. If they did bring this item to creative in the 23.40 update few months after the 23.30 update was released then this item will be fun to used

  2. I want it too, they just need to fix the kill message, because it says “Kymera Ray Gun”.

  3. And I’m guessing that they are going to release that item into creative in 23.40 update

  4. Imagine someone made a Story made map with these new Prefab and Galleries including new Devices

  5. The Sunburst Gauntlet doesn’t knock props around, so you aren’t making sense.

  6. “I think the Gauntlet had…”

  7. I was hoping that we will be getting the SunBrust Gauntlet in Creative but it think that mythic was delayed to update 23.40

  8. You shouldn’t have wear the Vegeta skin for this video

  9. Let me guess, He is from the “Getting Over It” series

  10. And of course Gohan get one super form while his dad just get three

  11. There is going be a lot of come back for the FNAF community

  12. I was hoping that we would be getting the SunBrust Gauntlet in Creative

  13. I think BonBon is canonically a Boy because Male characters are voiced by female Actors like Ash Ketchup, Pikachu, and many more

  14. It like that one scene from Indiana Jones movie

  15. What happened to this person who made the art?

  16. When are we going to get the “Stay Afloat” emote?

  17. I think that the reason why the Dragon Ball Collab is coming back is because of people countering the Deku Smash over an SMG

  18. I pitch this Arc Idea as a reference to No Way Home like Beeg Smg4 as Tom Holland, modern smg4 as Andrew Garfield and OG Smg4 as Toby Maguire

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