1. Haven't seen it so maybe it really doesn't track in this film. But horror and comedy absolutely go hand in hand. I mean what is horror but the absurdity of life? Its just gotta be used properly.

  2. Judgemental much? It was a good movie. Didn't suffer from the same old cliches that other people like on this sub.

  3. Maybe I worded that poorly. I love Wkuk and genuinely can’t wait to see what Zach did. I’m just not surprised a horror film by him would have comedy in it.

  4. Overnights worked best/easiest for me. Just shaker cup choice of milk and protein powder. pour it over oats the night before. Nuke it in the morning.

  5. I transferred from OCC and it really just depended on NJtransfer.org. Basically got all the transfer credits (to SAS) that I was expecting based on the site.

  6. Sure, thanks! Do you know their name?

  7. Scratch that, looking at the link the other poster posted....her name is 100% Laura Wills. Great advisor.

  8. was a few years ago now so honestly can't remember. Pretty sure she was the only transfer advisor though.

  9. I think the important thing you're missing about Morpheus is he's really zealous about this. He is entirely devoted to the concept of neo and operates way more on faith than logic.

  10. Why are people bad-mouthing Impossible and Beyond? They were never meant to be health foods anyway. People are eating them to reduce environmental impact and support animal welfare. Plus, there is a study comparing the health value of meat and plant-based meats.

  11. Heavy on surrealism and allegories but The Green Knight certainly fits the bill.

  12. First half is accurate. They changed it up from last semester. BHE first Busch stop is at the student center now and runs to Hill.

  13. Movies don’t even tell a story the way that game does

  14. Definitely different mediums. Movies obviously lack any sort of interactivity that games can use to their advantage. Movies on the other hand, are able to tell much cleaner/tighter thematic narratives (gameplay can also create a bit of a disconnect to the story imo.)

  15. I posted this in another thread but, while i am being quite critical of it, I think it absolutely nails the horror greatness that it does achieve:

  16. I’m speaking from my lived experience as a gay man and a queer filmmaker and you are, I don’t know, just riffing on “art.” Do you see the problem with that?

  17. I didn't discredit a thing you said. Sure, saying "good art is good art" is a very simplistic way of framing things. And sometimes that deeper dive into the reality of the genre is necessary and essential.

  18. ok. was genuinely inquiring. apologies if im not understanding.

  19. Pretty sure the lots you'd be allowed to park in before 6pm should be good until 2am. Its just that at 6pm a bunch of additional lots becomes available for you to park in.

  20. Faults (2015) - Such a great psychological thriller (heavier in the psychological part) that really handles the themes at hand wonderfully. Rarely see it brought up or talked about.

  21. Did you drop to half-time? (under 12 credits for the semester.)

  22. How can you say TLOU1 gameplay was never that good, even for its time. But then say TLOU2 which had the same gameplay 7 years later, but with dodge, jump and prone is one of the best ever?

  23. What you're leaving out is the absolute smoothness in which TLOU2 operates. TLOU1 was very janky. Im not saying it was awful, i just wasn't blown away with it or even think about it much. It aided in the story, but there was always a disconnect between the gameplay and the narrative for me.

  24. Really enjoyed Nope and there are certain scenes that definitely will play much better on the big screen. That said, Jaws is an absolute masterpiece and an iconic piece of cinema.

  25. Clint Eastwood has done and said a lot of questionable things that should be prodded at. But a dive into his filmmaking (while certainly not always hitting the mark) shows truly thoughtful nuance at hand.

  26. Can't speak on the issue you're having, but do try and perform a hard reset on the monitor: hold the furthest left and furthest right button down simultaneously for 30 seconds.

  27. I love Parks and rec, Modern Family etc. light hearted stuff and thought Peacekeeper was hilarious. I'm not sure if I've cracked a smile once with She-hulk. It's a bit sad because I was expecting to enjoy this. :/

  28. I think this is my take as well. Id love a good light-hearted comedy from Marvel. But the writing in this just seems too bland to me.

  29. Have you seen Ari Aster or S. Craig Zahler films? They do some brutal shit and are praised as great filmmakers, arguably more so than horror directors of the past.

  30. Enjoyed the 1st episode. The 2nd one just felt totally incomplete and underwhelming to me. Like something larger was cut up to fit in the time frame rather than a show created for 30-minute episodes.

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