1. Mujhe us post me kisi ne tag bhi ni kiya😭 lagta hai bhul gye kabootar ko sab

  2. Not a tech firm , but I do own an investment hedge fund by the name of LCF Inc. We take investments from our HNI clientele and provide them with returns of upto 2x within a stipulated time period of let’s say 3 business weeks.

  3. ideally you should pay in proportion to money that you have. i have 200/50 = 4 times more money, so i pay 4/5 of total amount which is $37.424 and other person pays 1/5 which is $9.256

  4. Hello bhaiya Mera bhi BPIT me hogya lekin mere paas karma nahi hai DM Karne ka, aap kardo please doubt hai kuch

  5. Baised That's why I only watch German war movie. The mustache man always dies and everyone's still happy💀

  6. Kisi grill ko strong hona ho to sampark kare🤏🏽😎 (mai weak hone ko Tayar hu)

  7. Acha south delhi se ho, kya aap bhi rupee ko bucks bolte ho

  8. Ni be sheer khurma me dry fruit bhot zada hote, aur pheni kam. Ye dud pheni hi hai.

  9. Photo me itna cool ni lagra, par I'm sure ki khud wha khade hoke dekhne me alag feel aati hogi. (Maine kabhi dekha ni)

  10. How do you know it's not the girl herself?

  11. My great grandparents were smart enough to buy a bunch of war bonds and my parents were loaded with cash because of it

  12. Basically the government borrows money from people and then pays it back with interest after the war

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