1. My breakfast is TVP with chia seeds soaked overnight with a non dairy milk of some sort. I often add a diced apple for sweetness rather than using sweetened milks or sugar/sweetener. 60g TVP has 30g protein in 200 calories and I find it far more satiating than protein powder drinks.

  2. Headsweats. If you don’t care about colors/logos they have a grab bag area in their clearance section at great prices, and I believe they have a July 4 sale going on. I love their trucker hats for cooler weather and visors for hot.

  3. I posted this same question awhile ago. I was advised to have a small protein-rich snack after a run. Doing that, along with drinking a hydration pack immediately after a run, has worked wonders.

  4. I had that option on for a few days but figured out it was the high protein foods that were “giving” the most calories back. I would then eat more protein to be able to eat more food (I love food) when I need to make sure my carbs are fitting in to my calorie goals as I’m training for my first marathon. So I turned it off. But your goals may differ from mine, and you may not alway try to find a way to game a system to get to eat more 😂

  5. I’ve had some experience with weight loss (lost a total of 95 pounds, have been bouncing around 10-20 pounds over goal weight since then) and I have Racing Weight, The New Half Marathon And Marathon Nutrition guide, and just listened to Diet Cults. I firmly believe I his ideas. HOWEVER I also believe that if I did not have 5 years of experimenting with my diet and weight management prior to trying to institute his ideas, I would easily gain weight using DQS plan. but then I’m a 48 year female, and tend to run just 25-35 miles a week. 🤷‍♀️

  6. I need my hands free to swat deer flies and fiddle with my watch. HA.

  7. Thank you for my new million dollar idea of a handheld water bottle with a fly swatter extension….imagine the possibilities! I’ll make it like pop sockets where you can personalize and switch out the swatters 🥳💃👍

  8. I like to make a salad with just lots of greens and beets topped with crumbled feta or goat cheese. It really just needs a drizzle of lemon juice bc the beets and cheese add so much flavor.

  9. What do you do with it? Cold? Hot? Cubed? Baked? Scrambled? I love both but am a bit flummoxed here 🤯

  10. Ok I totally get that 😂 I almost didn't mention it bc I know how weird it sounds. I used to go to a place that had a make your own salad bar and sometimes I'd just mix up a big bowl of just beets and cubed tofu. The textures work well together and for some reason it always hit the spot in the summer when it was hot and I wanted something filling but not overwhelming (that would weigh me down the rest of the day). The beets were sometimes pickled, which needed no dressing. But whenever they weren't pickled, I'd just add a drizzle of Italian dressing or something with a little acid to bring it together. I don't know why, like I honestly can't explain, but if I had a surplus of beets on my hands, I'd def get some extra firm tofu and mix them together. It's like a super low cal, protein & nutrient rich oddity lol

  11. Awesome! Thank you for the explanation I’ve got pickled and canned and fresh beets 💃

  12. I thought it was ok, maybe a 3 star on Goodreads. The writing was beautiful and it was a joy to just read the sentences, but the plot didn't do much for me. It kept feeling like things got set up, then nothing happened.

  13. That’s how I feel about my life so I enjoyed that aspect of it.

  14. Sweet Earth products always sound good in theory but end up being a bit iffy in my experience. Thanks for the recs! :)

  15. The teriyaki burgers are good! I had one with orange ginger broccoli last night.

  16. And how sensitive our supply chains have gotten in an ever growing effort to have the least amount of risk/inventory at point of delivery.

  17. I'm always worried about over-salting and ending up with salty granola.

  18. I use 1 teaspoon for about 5 cups other ingredients. I do use unsalted nuts.

  19. They look great! I had to stop making them I was eating a whole batch in one night 😂

  20. If I’m eating at a deficit while IF, YES I AM COLD ALL THE TIME. If binging during my window I’m fine 😜

  21. 3 tablespoons chia seeds in 3/4 c water or milk or nondairy milk of your choice. Allow to thicken, stirring 2 or 3 times. Top as desired (berries/peanut butter is my fave) eat once a day and you will be a god or goddess of regularity.

  22. 👑🎂 King cake is awesome, but what made my first attempt at making one even more awesome was this was the first time I used my new Instant Pot AIR FRYER. I'm not a baker (I mean, I'm notoriously and hysterically bad at baking), but this new kitchen toy may just help me out.

  23. Me too. My substance consumption got problematic and I relapsed after the election when I saw how he was trying to overturn it and just starting recovering the day before inauguration day. I couldnt cope with thinking about how he might not leave by whatever means it took and I was incredibly stressed and upset

  24. And I’m struggling with the thought he is just going to get to walk away with no or minimal consequences.

  25. This is the only avocado toast I’ve ever liked! The bread and garlic confit are homemade.

  26. This will likely be my afternoon snack tomorrow! Homemade bread is such a treat.

  27. I asked for it for Christmas and it’s great! Cooks the bread really evenly

  28. Lol it was on my Christmas wishlist as well and I liked it so much I got myself the second one! I’m contemplating a third: I like to make little loaves they’re easier to share with friends and family.

  29. This is one of my favorite cakes and I made it to celebrate the end of active treatment for breast cancer, and the end of Trump as president. Pretty big day

  30. I think so, more experienced runners can chime in but I can feel the difference over the course of 5lb, 10lb, etc

  31. I agree. And 15lb is when the belly jiggle becomes uncomfortable 😆

  32. I'm still trying to figure out how so many are getting infected. What are they doing? Where are they going? Are all the single people just throwing underground raves now that bars are closed?

  33. I went by my former gym yesterday and saw about 25 people not a single one with a mask. I have no doubt a lot of them will end up getting infected and passing it on to family, coworkers, random people they interact with. If you’re willing to work out in an enclosed space with no mask during a pandemic I doubt you’re following many restrictions.....

  34. I lovee the feeling of underestimating your calories and realizing you can eat way more lol!! I'm 5'2", 95 pounds and went from eating 800 calories to 1200 to 1500 before realizing I was still dropping weight. I can eat around 2,000 now and I love it; calorie counters really don't know your life 💁

  35. Oh you made me feel better; I’m 5’6” 126 and seem to be maintaining at 2300-2400 calories and have been like “OMG THIS IS UNPOSSIBLE”

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