GME has no price discovery at all. It's 3 seperate algos that just repeat over and over again to destroy the stock. The only thing that changes is the time length.

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  1. Dark age would be 90% of all game developers using denuvo which isn't the case.

  2. Sounds like Salvia. Salvia sent me through the multiverse for about 3 minutes.

  3. Jamel Marsden in Death at a Funeral and Anna Faris In Smiley Face. I think it was X/edibles respectively, but they were definitely tripping.

  4. Synthetic shorting in conjunction with other contracts. They've been doing it via GME for two years.

  5. This is frustrating being in infosec. There should be an email sent out immediately after someone discovered this. If they have an auto dialer, also call all enrolled customers reiterating the benefits of MFA and apologizing.

  6. Yeah, I mean Computershare has always been some archaic shit.

  7. Local university posted a T1 help desk job for actual minimum wage. I'm well beyond help desk in my career, but seeing that just made me think: what exactly is all that tuition paying for? Clearly it's not competent staffing. Why would anyone helpdesk at the university when they can make more at Sonic? And if it's to build their resume, just go work at sonic and get your A+, it'll get you more job offers and not pay minimum wage.

  8. It literally would have been better. This show is so fucking overrated it's mind boggling.

  9. Jesus christ man we've known this for literal years. Read the DD.

  10. Thanks for telling me what I can do, don't know what I'd do without ya

  11. Your post is misleading so I'm being more specific. The DD is there. It's not going bankrupt. What it can still do, however, due to crime, is nothing (aside from swap cycle fluctuations, etc.) for years. People should be informed. You literally have gamestop as a template.

  12. it hasn't been over.. whatsoever.. and continues to not be over.

  13. Let's see if Dead Space Remake/Hogwart's Legacy/Callisto Protocol/etc. are "available" by mid-2024.

  14. Your comments' time frame in itself implies the deadness. I'd bet 1000 dollars you're younger than 25, both as a result of observing your definition of "alive" and your excitable/defensive nature.

  15. No, my man. That was it. The swap. Now 5 months of not much.

  16. A month ago, I read a long comment from a GPT4 betatester and he predicted this. Also he said that GPT4 could produce perfect blueprints for engineering (mechanical, electro etc.). If this is true a lot more people will have sleepness nights about their profession.

  17. Where can we get AI certified? If you can beat it, join it!

  18. Right on. Sam seems like he’s gonna squeak and tell them everything to get out of jail.

  19. Yeah but he doesn't know anything. Not the stuff we want him to know, anyways.

  20. I'd be bummed out too if I briefly had access to free software that does my job for me and then I lost it lol

  21. I'd alter this and say something in-between. Your quality of life is way more important than 40, 50, 60 thousand dollars more a year. Many will disagree with this, but I don't buy it. You're either a wage slave your whole life or you're not. In-between doesn't matter and as such should prioritize QOL (which can be related to money but not necessarily). Try to find a less demanding position in IT using your current background and hop around until you find a job that achieves this for you.

  22. Yes, oh wise one, what an astute insightful comment. It doesn't mean you just accept it.

  23. This is a nice diversion to my 2.5 years of GME holding!

  24. and it'll be another 2.5 years with nada happening. I've figured out this is the play. An egregious, malicious waste of retail's time by individuals with control over the market beyond anything that retail can do to overcome it.

  25. Translation - It won't make me cum any more. (not necessarily OP, but a lot of the complaints I'm seeing)

  26. Yeah, or it's just shittier now and in every respect and it's obvious but you're too dumb to realize it so you make up some dumb ad-hominem comment about what OP must be doing with it.

  27. There's nothing I wouldn't do with peanut butter other than no eat it.

  28. It's weird because my wallet certainly doesn't think so. Hm.

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