Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock Defeats Republican Herschel Walker In Georgia Runoff

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Democrats Pick Up Senate Seat With Fetterman Win Over Oz: Networks

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  1. Do so and let me know! I hear it’s a lot like EPBC but more candy like in flavor.

  2. I definitely get a cake aroma off of Lembas, like angel food cake almost and just a little bit of gas

  3. Next he will be the HC of Ohio State. Years down, but Day will want NFL

  4. Insinuating I have no background in economics is hilarious as I have over 15 years directly in the field.

  5. To be fair, and not to derail the conversation, but the US's military spending is as much for Europe's sake as anyone. If the US were to heavily curtail its military spending, the security situation in Europe would be materially impacted. The US could spend more on social welfare, but at the cost of safeguarding western democracy.

  6. He is just another fake ass weed snobs that's always saying the other bud they get is way better than the mids in this program. The people that have access to the absolute highest standard bud that is in existence just buys the better bud and doesn't even concern themselves with this program and the flower it offers...yet these threads are lousy with lames like this...BTW, if you do have access to better bud yet you choose to participate in this program and rail against on reddit I have no use for your input because you obviously make poor choices in life.. let's hope you make better decisions when it has real consequences or you will walk right into the mouth of that monster your babbling about and find yourself chewed up...hey at least you will still have a bag of bud that you don't like!

  7. I don't understand this comment. This bud looks excellent. I'm sure it smokes pretty great. What's the issue?

  8. 2% isn't all that high, but Orange 43 is consistently over 4%. Galenas Alien Pebbles just released tested over 4%, and Second Breakfast is typically over 3%. I've read Schromulan is high but not sure where it tests

  9. How are those carts? I’m planning another trip to MI in a few weeks and may snag some of those too. Those strains look really nice.

  10. I've had Society "Live Rosin" carts before and they definitely didn't taste live. I got a Blueberry Kruffin one and there was zero blueberry taste. It just hit like a distillate cart but the oil was way darker.

  11. I've been of the "gateway drug" mentality most of my 50 years. But when we lived in Seattle my wife used some gummies and said it was the first time she had been pain-free in many years. (She's very private about some things despite is being married 25+ years; I had no idea she was in constant low-level pain.)

  12. So many stories like this. I've personally heard at least a hundred, yet reefer madness is still out there. People just cannot handle changing their brains, ever.

  13. If independents actually believe that than our economic illiteracy has gotten out of hand. Biden shoveled something like 3 trillion dollars in new government spending into the economy on top of Trump's 2020 pandemic programs. That doesn't even count background deficits that are running 1 trillion plus year to year with zero plan from either party to actually reduce government spending even a little.

  14. Electric Peanut Butter Cookies is definitely in my top 3. Really liked problem child recently as well.

  15. Good review. This used to be my favorite strain in the program. It's still high on my list it's just hard to have a favorite for very long. I've never been a huge potency guy and the terps on this plus the pleasantness of the high were always the biggest things I liked about it. The floral notes plus ⛽ on it really make it stand out.

  16. I probably don't need to write a review. I was just really surprised it held on to its terps as long as it did. This is going to be a major boost to my weekend.

  17. I’m not asking if there are farmer conglomerates. I’m asking for the name of the company that sells fresh tomatoes nationwide. Can’t give me one though because it doesn’t exist.

  18. https://www.eatingwell.com/article/7895739/appharvest-indoor-growing-innovators/

  19. That bud doesn’t look good to me. They price way higher than average and they come out with mids?

  20. Looks pretty good to me man. I had a bag of this a month ago and if was frosty AF

  21. This is correct. And for the youths in here who haven’t been watching MJ laws and props being pitched at highly contentious election cycles: prepare for the fate of a Browns fan. Don’t expect much and hope for the best. This is peak bullshit. And Dems only uphold the status quo. They get paid even when we are out here starving.

  22. You're wrong. Most democrats are running on pro legalization platforms. Most Republicans are anti legalization. They are not the same. You can be as cynical as you want (and believe me I get it), but saying they are the same is just not true.

  23. Lol a month before midterms. Trying to get votes. Nothing will happen. This guy sucks at everything. The states need to just keep ignoring anything federally in this. The only way we will ever have it.

  24. Americans fascist support fellow fascist abroad.

  25. Just so embarrassing that we're here in the 21st century -- back to fascism in western society.

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