1. If someone goes 2 moves with a pawn and you only did 1 twice then you can en passant and go to their left or right and capture

  2. Shove a tennis racket down your ass

  3. Personally, iron chests is my go to. I’m terrible with tech mods, so I definitely couldn’t do anything like Refined Storage; Iron Chests chests are easy to get and way better than regular chests, without all of the hassle of the tech mod storage systems.

  4. Every single create mod/addon. Every single furniture mod. Valkyrian Skies and Eureka. Pehkui. Immersive Portals. Gravity Changer. And finally, Quark and Oddities.

  5. Reddit users who post in politics, news, front page subs: 60

  6. I occasionally host it; sadly, it’s only occasional. But I do have the mod (albeit the first version of ToH because I can’t play after one round of each game with the latest of TOR)

  7. Dude no I actually don't know what these are or what they do so can you please for the last fucking time just tell me what these are supposed to be.

  8. …they’re lights. That flash in beat with the music. I have no fucking idea how you don’t know what these do

  9. Thank you finally. I just got the game and thought they were used for something.

  10. This should be in the movie. It’s not like boomers trying to do gen z humor; the phrase is well known enough to everybody that it might get a chuckle out of at least some people.

  11. as someone who doesnt live in an english speaking country, do people actually SAY "idk"? feels kinda pointless when saying "i dont know" has just as many syllables

  12. It also means madness. You see, that’s a reference to Stereo Kyouki

  13. Move the king up to d7 by scrolling the bishops to the black spaces

  14. You've got Yung's Better Caves or a similar mod, intended to make mining more interactive by having you cave and spelunk instead of strip mine. Weird how you installed a mod and it did exactly what it says it does.

  15. Maybe they didn’t know, they just saw that it upgraded the caves and installed it. (It’s not like the mod’s called YUNG’s Better Caves with Obsidian Blobs) Personally, I would do the same, accidentally

  16. Bossfight as in the music artist? Cause if so yeah I agree they are the shit

  17. Yeah, Nock Em was my favorite level in Subzero. Both because of the music and the gp. It’s a good thing RobTop updated it, too

  18. Everybody but the koopas and toad look natural

  19. I mean, in the sense that the mouth blends well, isn’t too big on their faces

  20. The beginning part, especially right before the first ship

  21. Little dipper is a stretch but I can definitely see big dipper

  22. That is so funny how you posted it twice, once w downvotes once without. We should keep doing it for the funny

  23. holy fucking shit. if i see ONE more en passant meme i'm going to chop my fucking balls off. holy shit it is actually impressive how incredibly unfunny the entire sub is. it's not that complicated, REPEATING THE SAME FUCKING JOKE OVER AND OVER AGAIN DOES NOT MAKE IT FUNNIER. this stupid fucking meme has been milked to fucking death IT'S NOT FUNNIER THE 973RD TIME YOU MAKE THE EXACT SAME FUCKING JOKE. WHAT'S EVEN THE JOKE?????? IT'S JUST "haha it's the funne move from chess" STOP. and the WORST part is that en passant was actually funny for like a few years and it got fucking ruined in like a week because EVERYONE POSTED THE EXACT SAME FUCKING JOKE OVER AND OVER AGAIN. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. SEEING ALL YOUR SHITTY MEMES IS ACTUAL FUCKING MENTAL TORTURE YOU ALL ARE NOT FUNNY. COME UP WITH A DIFFERENT FUCKING JOKE PLEASE

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