1. There's a scattering of mid-budget movies coming out that are action or thriller oriented.

  2. Ich dachte ewig, dass 'Frauke Ludowig' 'Frau Kaludowig' heißt.

  3. Jemand in meinem Umkreis benutzt "Schlampe" als Wort für nicht gut angezogene Menschen und ich warte nur drauf dass es mal schief geht

  4. Fast, zur Coronazeit. Ein Jahr Funkstille. Irgendwann in einem Restaurant gesessen, drüber nachgedacht und auf einen Punkt gekommen: "Warum eigentlich?" Und wieder entlockt. Nicht bereut.

  5. For me, the Mum all of a sudden chasing Peter in Hereditary

  6. Könnte mich nicht erinnern Waffen mit fortschrittlichen Zielfernrohren gesehen zu haben…

  7. Unwissende sehen nur den Titel, den Wald und Predator.


  9. They seem to be inconsistent on whether or not their films get unrated releases now. Rob Zombie’s 31 never got one but 3 From Hell did.

  10. Not emberassed per se but...I like Fast 8.

  11. I wanted to see Plane anyway, now you made my mouth watery.

  12. Here in germany, they did not release this on Blu Ray, just on DVD and digital.

  13. My uncle keeps asking me about twice a week if I've head when the blu-ray is coming out. He was noticeably upset when he learned this was a streaming movie. He has seen every Predator movie including including the original one day one at the cinema. He was angry and confused to see the latest one be only in streaming.

  14. We had the same problem with All Quiet On The Western Front. My father wanted to watch it but we have no Netflix and he is not interested in having it.

  15. First impressions matter my guy. Even in video games. That's why the player count dropped same goes for COD Vanguard and Halo Infinite.

  16. Yeah and the first impressions for The Day Before are that it is a steaming pile of shit

  17. The moment John Wick straight up demolishes everything that has to do with Viggo's son and Viggo's son himself

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