1. I've been using the internet since around 1998. Got scammed for the first time last week using a QR code. Was in a big city centre car park. Not some snide little dirt square, a proper multi storey and the QR code to get the app to pay your ticket is somehow hacked. Whether it was the code, or the app I don't know but several people got caught the same. Paid for parking and got a £30 a month media subscription started. No way I'm scanning a QR code again. I did actually get the dodgy company to refund me, which they did immediately, so could have been scammed much worse but like I say, never risking a QR code again.

  2. Maybe one day you can fill me in on your theory when I have the time

  3. Well just Hardcore is used for a lot of different things. We might have different definitions.

  4. How do you think they made those early hardcore tracks from Chicago and acid house. Exactly as I mentioned.

  5. I never heard that wrong speed record thing though. Who spun the record at wrong speed?

  6. Spotify is great for suggesting similar music if ur looking for new music of the same genre. Their algorithm is one of the best out there. Pick a song you play then right click and select its radio, then bump that playlist and write down the ones you find fit the vibe.

  7. Yeah, good call. I use Tidals similar artists for the same thing.

  8. I see this thing everyday. The recipe just reads like a typical pasta sauce thrown in a pan full of chicken stock.

  9. Be careful what you get. I read loads of reviews absolutely bumming the Audient interfaces. So I got one. Big mistake. Always crashing and required a full PC restart,l. It had weird bugs too. Like I would turn the volume and nothing happened. Then I open their app and turned the volume on screen with my mouse. It worked. Then back to the hardware and the hardware volume then worked. So in it needed the app opening to activate the hardware control. For the price it was pretty pathetic. I played it safe and got a Scarlett 2i2 and no problems with it. If I do loads of hopping between programs at different sample rates, it occasionally gets stuck and makes me do it manually on the app but this is rare and only when I constantly jump between Serato, YouTube, sound forge, studio one, Tidal, media player and reason. Usually when I have just finished a song. Very rare though. The 2i2 is way better and more reliable. I had an Onyx before the Audient and that was better too. It was just a bit old and beaten up.

  10. Depends if you want to pursue this as a hobby or a carrier imo

  11. Yeah, saying that I had a friend who would spend £200 every time he got a new interest. It all ended up dumped in a corner and never used again after 2 weeks though.

  12. Sounds like a lot of people with tdah 😅 Got about 10k+ of gear for different hobbies collecting dust in my house

  13. Well for starters don't jump on the degree. A HND in music is way better than the first two years of a degree. Then do a top up year to convert it to a degree. That way you get a fun hands on experience and a degree. I know two people who did HND to degree and the degree year was shit for both of them both at different uni's. If they hadn't wanted a degree so much, they would have dropped out. No way would they have done 3 boring years of that though. HND is way more important for learning.

  14. I didn't even realise this was common. I always thought half the fun was mashing the break yourself.

  15. About 2 hours. Cubase VST using general midi.

  16. Doesn't matter. Just have fun. If it is too tricky go to another. What is easy to me might be hard to you.

  17. What isn't good is doing something different to try and please someone else.

  18. Some people prefer it. That simple. I am one of the few that hate using an SSL and would rather work on screen. I like working in my sweet spot, I don't like moving about. I get my best sound where I sit.

  19. This is like best of early early HHC, like when it was just emerging as a genre, I wish they would do a video like this that spans like 1996 - 2006 or later, it’s been around for so long there’s SO many other great HHC songs now

  20. That link is a lot of poppy hardcore. Like funfair music rather than raves.

  21. Bad choice. Tunecore are a nightmare. 48hrs for message turnaround. You can live with that. Yes of course you can but when they reply gibberish and you email back and wait another 48 hours and get more gibberish and same again. Guess what. That turn around time is 144 hours.

  22. It's better to be honest. We all have varied taste. I was really pissed off at some cunt arguing with me for putting something in a Gabber page.

  23. Ha, I think I was more annoyed than sad and spat my dummy out. I made a Tech/trance song straight after which was better anyway. My fast song isn't online now, I never put it back up.

  24. Just curious if there are any women around this thread admitting to being ladies of the night?

  25. You can't just make your vocals sit. The whole song needs to sit.

  26. Buy a midi keyboard. Oxygen 49 is great.

  27. None. Any DAW that doesn't crash is great if it suits you.

  28. Hi, I would say it maybe sounds just a little fast. Some of the sounds sound like they would suit a slightly slower BPM. Like they are being played at the wrong speed rather than being pitched up and fast. It's just edged that little bit too far towards sounding fast forwarded.

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