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  1. You can't use calm mind with Assault vest, special attack evs on Cinder do nothing and charcoal doesn't help much, why does blade have calm mind, what does a silk scarf do for tsarena.

  2. I think Target pays pretty well just starting out too. Helps since Buc'ees aren't really as common.

  3. I used to work at target. They started me at less than I'm making now.

  4. How long ago was that? I've seen minimum of $15 as well as $18 I think. Which isn't bad for a part-time job. It ain't Walmart either.

  5. Was doing a sword nuzzlocke but lost interest so now I'm reading up on every little fact i can find about S/V. I could probably answer most questions about it at this point even though I've never even touched the games.

  6. They were just confirmed this morning to be locked in 1.0.1. They're being tested in 1.0.0 rn

  7. It really is yeah. I was looking forward to the fish shiny.

  8. Kinda both games kinda trade with friends. My partner and I are getting the double pack and playing them together.

  9. At time of me writing this it's 10 for scarlet, 10 for violet and 11 for both. I think this is by far thr most even split for version in a generation I've ever seen.

  10. If you don’t mind me asking how did you get the tama to get the flames?

  11. It just happened to be a gene I got from another tama in the app when that was still up.

  12. Oh okay no worries! Also they still have the app. It’s fan made if you still want to go on there sometime. It’s even better than the first app.

  13. Think you may struggle a bit vs Kabu but looks good otherwise.

  14. While I do plan to take my time and savor the adventure, I'm also giving myself a four-day weekend when the games drop.

  15. Hey same. Not saying the game will be beaten but it most likely will be.

  16. Why does everyone use Fischl? Is it just that people are used to her being the best electro applier that they assume she's best here? Or has there actually been testing on her usefulness for Tighnari? One-tap electro skills that have a fast cool down are better in my experience

  17. For me she's the only electro support I have built right now and she works well so I don't see a reason to swap her.

  18. Claymore. Most seem to be dps oriented wich I don't really need and the ones that support have better non claymore options.

  19. Idk his exact build or numbers rn but I have C1 Tighnari with r1 hunters path and I feel like he's doing really good for me. Haven't tried him in abyss or anything yet but his Cr//D is at 70/170. I'll comment his more precise build when I get home.

  20. C1 Qiqi (first 5 star), Jean, C1 Mona, Kequing, Diluc, C1 Tighnari, Zhongli, Hu Tao, Xiao, Kazuha, Eula, Kamisato Ayaka, Raiden Shogun.

  21. I got mona early on kazuhas banner and I've been waiting for this. So long. I can't wait

  22. That one guy that has the only bows account is gonna start foaming

  23. I have a mono bow account (probably not the guy you're thinking of) and I am yes. This is the best possible thing for me.

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