1. Agreed. Unbound is my favorite Pokémon game ever and it already passed the official games for me.

  2. Yo are you playing the game on the Switch?

  3. Yes. You need a modded switch. Once modded just use the MGBA emulator.

  4. Electric was also my hardest to date so don't feel bad for using legends. Especially if this is your first go at the mono runs. Nice team!.

  5. I hate to rain on the parade.. he beat Miss Miami drugs and stumbles... None of which are impressive. This is like giving a participation award just because it's nothing else going on in battle Rap.

  6. Drugz is a good win. We not gonna discredit Drugz run this year.

  7. Am the only one that still uses nxbrew(1fincher or torrents) Haven't let me down yet lol.

  8. A little offtopic, but can you unlock special encounters by evolving a mon with hisui rock?

  9. No. It has to be a mon from the galar dex. Not counting regional forms.

  10. Temporarily, of course. Go to the emummc tab, disable it, push fusee, use pkhex, reenable emunand. It should be possible with fss0, but since thats not working for you i figure this will narrow down the issue.

  11. O ok i see what u mean. It's something i can do from the hekate screen.

  12. Ok then theres definitely something in your atmosphere install that your sysnand doesnt like. Id probably recommend backing up your atmosphere folder, deleting it from the sd, and copying a fresh copy onto the sd to see if that fixes it.

  13. The story is never "good" in any pokemon games. Official or not.

  14. I'd argue that Ashen Frost's story is, despite some significant flaws, pretty damn good for a game! And not just for a Pokemon game, but for a video game in general.

  15. Some of the galar mons are mystery codes as well just to let you know. I believe you do have to be post game to use these however.

  16. Use the updated location guide to know the gen 8 spawn locations.

  17. I am following the guide, Repels active, R button set to dexnav scan, run around until you get a special encounter.

  18. Are you sure the ones that aren't showing up aren't already registered in your pokedex? They only appear once and if they are already registered in the pokedex they wont appear anymore.

  19. Regidrago and Regieleki are special encounters at "Icy Hole"

  20. Yes you can teach it the move. My Greninja has it. But if I remember correctly it's named "Water Star"

  21. I know you can buy them at the battle frontier for bp and they also can be dropped from raids.

  22. My problem with the X saga is that the writing and character designs are SOOO good and they are trapped as mobile experiences. Now its obvious we'll see some of these characters in KH4 so they will get the upgraded visual treatment but not all of them will.

  23. Modded 3 3ds systems last month with pichaxx method. Got another 3ds to mod today and found out that method is no longer working lol.

  24. Yea it's really a combination of the Dresco trainer house and having maxed out your lucky eggs/macho items. Can build a full battle ready team in like 15 mins once everything is maxed.

  25. How do you spawn in a snom?

  26. Most of the codes no longer works on the newest update. However the pc item cheats still work(though they will leave xxx amount of the item u want stuck in your pc)

  27. can you add the master code and item code number list thanks? Just want ring targets so i can change my pokemon(like aegislash who is safari ball exclusive) into plain pokeballs as I am an OCD freak and couldnt stop thinking about it after I noticed.

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