1. I’m LOL-ing at derkin dognuts & my family is looking at me like I’m crazy.

  2. You're not crazy?? I must be doing something wrong...

  3. Um, sir, your sidewall isn't, um, much of use right now. You will have a blowout, and it will be your fault.

  4. I guess it's a good thing I live 4 hours away. Anyone in Flagstaff looking for an IT guy???

  5. My dad wound up buying a Prius when we went in to look at a RAV 4. The salesman didn’t even do anything there was just a Prius on the showroom floor and he thought it looked neat

  6. For what we needed the Prius was by far the better choice.

  7. I hate being next to even a single semi. I was heading to Sierra Vista from Tucson a few years ago, and a deadly crash involving a semi where there driver was likely not paying attention was involved. I've been in situations where I have one next to me and I'm slowly getting away due to traffic around me. But when another pulls up? I drop the gas like it's hot and launch my ass into space as soon as I can. Have had other times where they're swearving as I come up. Wait for them to get back in lane, and then nail the pedal. I grew up in Phoenix. I've spent many hours going from Tucson to Phoenix as I live in Tucson now. I hate I-10 these days. My condolences to those involved in these crashes.

  8. I think this is also fitting for the what could go wrong sub...

  9. "Luckily, no one was hurt but the train has caused confusion and delay".

  10. It'll work, yes. But it's almost 8 years old. The life expectancy could be very short, or it could go another few years. Better off with a new, off the shelf drive.

  11. I see Lenovo drivers. Lenovo has their own driver update tool. Lenovo System Update. Grab that, and get rid of driver easy. That app is garbage.

  12. That too. Don't use it at work as I think it has to be installed via MS Store (correct me if I'm wrong), which is blocked where I work. Thus update utility.

  13. F1 cars get warm liquid pumped through them before races. Technically warming the engines. I guess that's damaging them, yes? 🙄

  14. 😍😋 Me casually spanking every car as I pass them on a bicycle 🫠

  15. Is this site a joke or will I be getting Russian spam now?

  16. Seems appropriate, if taken in the context of "I've met some pricks in my time, but you sir, are the fucking cactus."

  17. If I had an award to give right now, you'd have it. Take my upvote.

  18. Trying to get to a race, not using fast travel (though I can easily afford it) and getting sucked into an arcade race as I entered the zone last minute.

  19. Errors are sometimes more fun figuring out then the games themselves.

  20. The levels of slap, fellow Redditor. The level could be either a deterrent, or could cause me to want it more. A guy has to know!

  21. This is just your school's way of never giving you up, or letting you down.

  22. So pull this thread as I walk away.

  23. Ah, yes. That lovely drink to go with jam and bread.

  24. Same! Wasn't sure, and of course, just commented, then found this!

  25. That looks like a store in my city. One that I would have gone too, if I'm actually correct on the location!

  26. Finger print scanner for sign in. Use your middle finger. Give your computer the bird to log in. 😁

  27. Joke’s on you, unless it’s a fingernail scanner you’re giving yourself the bird to sign in.

  28. You're at City 16.5. It's not quite City 17, so you're getting not quite City 17 citizens.

  29. Unforeseen consequences of the events of Black Mesa, the laws of the universe are starting to crumble. the seams are breaking apart.

  30. Yeah, but she would have to deal with multiple people trying to kill her because she’s a headcrab. I would love to see a spin-off of Lamarr trying to get home whilst escaping those who see her as a threat.

  31. So we have Stray, the cat game. Maybe, Headcrab, for Lamarr's game? Or Crabbed?

  32. Corgis running through snow gives me a seratonin boost without fail.

  33. Same. Feeling down? Work got you pissed off? Here's a Corgi playing in the snow!

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