1. Selling Salah during AFCON last season was the best decision I've made across the two seasons. Or at least up there with having Trippier all season.

  2. If Fulham loses to Sunderland tomorrow then it'll be much easier to punt on Liverpool players as they won't blank in GW28 too, but Salah(C) over Haaland(C) who will be up against Bournemouth will be a make or break move

  3. Even if they win, they could still lose to Leeds and have the same outcome. May be not probable according to current form, but the same could be said of Sunderland.

  4. Yeah I think so, I already did it myself for Odegaard

  5. Is he fit to play 5 consecutive games, with that knock he took vs Everton and was subbed for?

  6. It's ridiculous that they have implemented VAR in a way where the on-field referee makes the final decision instead of the guys with all the angles and video technology. The referee on the pitch should just be there to relay decisions from VAR and break up any potential scuffles between the players.

  7. Sorry, but that's how it should be. The main ref should be the only one with the final decision. VAR is nothing but a tool that the main ref should be able to use in certain situations.

  8. They are Man City with cheat codes, why they pretend that FFP is being followed is a joke.

  9. There is a difference between grubby deals that fall within the rules, and breaking the law though.

  10. !thanks. Trying to figure that out as well. Also want to get rid of Foden, right? And Mitoma!? I want to bring him in for Foden and don’t mind it even for a hit, but he also blanks gw25

  11. Thought of Mitoma of course but it was him or Bruno, and I think Bruno has more points potential in the coming 3GWs.

  12. Who becomes more nailed in City defense by this? Thinking of getting a City defender for their next double

  13. Is there a website where i can see current cutoffs for top 100k, 1m, etc.?

  14. does that, not just for overall but also for all mini leagues you've joined, and the content creators leagues as well.

  15. Great and professional write up. Expected nothing less.

  16. Some weird questions and some questions should have a "none of the above" option.

  17. The where do you live one, and the religion one are particular odd and off putting. Like not everyone who doesn't follow an organized religion is an atheist!

  18. What about the money the owners are taking out from the club (probably as dividend) to the amount of 400k per month as Swiss Ramble said?

  19. You buy a new 1,800 pound phone with an 18 month contract and sell your old phone for 150. Since the new phone cost per month is 1800/18=100 then you actually made a profit of 50 for the first month.

  20. That's more of a meme. If they get Felipe from Atlético that would be a big surprise though.

  21. I wonder who will take penalties when he's playing. Is there a chance that this could impact Saka?

  22. Don't see this happening next pen, but it puts pressure on Saka and would certainly be a bigger issue if he misses.

  23. Not Romano or Ornstein, but looking at this sub he reported correctly on Danjuma, Spence, Gordon and others.

  24. We have a new backroom staff/scouting staff cause Chelsea took ours, so we'll have to see how it goes, but this is an article on our owner who's involved in the scouting and made almost all of his money selling betting odds/doing football statistical analysis:

  25. Thank you so much for the link to that extremely interesting article. I'll never watch Brighton vs Brentford the same ever again :)

  26. Pep looking like he's not been able to shit for a week.

  27. I gotta respect how Brighton have handled this.

  28. I don't. If he's that important to their formation, then immediately start negotiating a bonus to his £180k A YEAR salary!!!

  29. Great video, as usual from Oscar, and very informative.

  30. Rank history and longevity, with gradually decreasing weight as you go back in time, and without taking their current running season rank into account.

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