1. He scales up to Crisis on Infinite Earths Anti-Monitor I believe. Beyond that, idk.

  2. Talents I understand, but IMO giving his FTL doesn't feel right to me. You can give talents to someone, hell, I'll believe giving luck to someone too. But being able to move FTL is something you need physcially, i can't reprogram someone's brain to move FTL.

  3. I mean, He’s made to be superior to the other ultimates, so I think it would be fair to give him it considering that since he is supposed to be superior to them, he should be able to reasonably do the same as them.

  4. I believe it was Komaru and Genocide Jack who probably did it somewhat the most. But it also comes from stuff like the bosses being able to dodge them and the Monokuma units as well.

  5. Apex Lex vs Frieza is superior to normal Lex vs Frieza. (Even if Frieza fucking dies no matter what you give him)

  6. Yeah, Not even Xeno could save Frieza from stuff like Apex Lex fighting and taking out the whole Justice League, taking hits from a Hawkgirl amped by the Raptor that created the source wall, having a Mindfuck that works in the Duodecillions when it comes to speed, has access to the Collective Unconscious which is where you could argue DCs 3812 existing. Oh, and he has the Tear of Extinction which negates immortality and healing factors.

  7. I really want I/O MUs, it’s an op verse with a lot of potential but maybe three people at most know about it on this sub.

  8. He got a new pretty good durability feat but I don’t think it’s on the level of Movie Sonic.

  9. Could I have some help with Reverse Flash research?

  10. Sadly for John , good enough didn't do the trick when Raidou pulled out his massive cock and balls.

  11. Interesting, however, John has been able to survive being around Batman so he actually resists Men with Cock and Balls.

  12. For DIO vs Beatrice, either ‘As The World Weeps’ or ‘Golden Heaven’

  13. Ok, What do you think Super Mario should be placed at and Why?

  14. I’d at least move 3812 up a tier because him being in the same tier as Featherine is a general war crime.

  15. Depends on the type of Alternates, High Tier Alternates could probably manhandle the Woodcrawlers but the issue is that the Alternates main ability doesn’t work against the wood crawlers.

  16. He didn't outsmart Brainiac. He was just able to predict something with his deductions, which Brainiac couldn't. BUT THAT'S STILL EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE.

  17. Literally anything related to Brainiac and Intelligence already makes you smarter than 75% of the popular fiction.

  18. I honestly believe Medaka takes it. “But Phantom! Power girl is a DC Herald!”, the issue is that Power Girl just has no way around Medakas best Hax. Becoming literal god? Power Girl has no way around it. Transcending Dimensions and becoming Omniscient? She can cover transcended Dimensions but the Omniscience is another problem. Having literal Plot Armor on the level of the Author themself? Yeah Power Girl has no way around that.

  19. I’m sure you could argue Brainiac beating Bright but idk Bright.

  20. Ah I always thought that Beatrice Beat Reverse Flash, but I’m sure there’s solid arguments for RF winning.

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