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  1. Bas tum logon ki Kripa se market mai haryali hai. 😂

  2. And background data refresh. So whatsapp won't be connected to internet. So no messages will be delivered. Now when you open the app. It comes to foreground. It will connect to internet and get two ticks.

  3. it’s always been disasbled but i still get messages delivered

  4. You must have a missed a setting somewhere. It works that way. There is no other reason for it not working other than human error

  5. So if someone got the number ship you bid farwell to your account but at least the 2 step verification ensures that no person can impersonate you, right ?

  6. In my experience. Anyone who keeps last seen on usually doesn't have anything to hide 😂

  7. Adibas will be my ever favourite!! Firstrack was another one that made me laugh.

  8. C'mon dude was a vegetable Stop sucking up tera baap thodi hey woo

  9. Samajhne ke liye 3 baar padhna padha. , use kar lete beech mai

  10. Even if you switch to signal you won't have many users switching with you. So you will be left alone on signal. I tried switching and I was the only one using it for a major period of time.

  11. It actually just appeared there. It was at the end of all of my chats.

  12. When you press restore to phone then purchased, then what happened? Re-login to whatsapp? Is it like when we log in when we install it ?

  13. I do dude. Can't screenshot chats. But yes. The reply format of replies exist since the chats in IPhone have been replied

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