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  1. When you owe the bank ten thousand, you have a problem.

  2. Can’t get margin called if you’re banging the bank. 🧠

  3. This seems like with the limitation of further financing they were told they need to put up or shut up very soon. So things could get extremely interesting in the near future! In the next year or so we’re gonna be happy with our investments or hating the person who told us to buy.😂

  4. Did somebody tell you to buy? They probably shouldn't have done that. 😁 Do your own good DD on Exro and reach your own conclusion.

  5. Wow, you good? This is 100% accurate though wether you get upset by the thought or not. I think we’ll start to see some good news pushing EXRO higher in the near future but if I’m wrong then the truth is their running out of runway and we’re all going to lose our investment.🤡

  6. woah. Where did you drive from? I went up the little path up to a flat spot overlooking the train bridge. I couldn’t see any way to get any further up the mountain

  7. I’m a lefty so I took a different route and shot over the AT AT walker to 9’s basket area

  8. From the tee box on 3, go across the bridge to the left, then climb the hill.

  9. So if it’s a centralized network then it must have vulnerabilities. It’d be a real shame if someone happen to find their way onto that chain and leaked all the tx data and anything else they could dig up. /s

  10. True, all speculation, but I respectfully disagree. I think this lawsuit has been a thorn in their side and getting it dismissed would clear out one last major hurdle to production.

  11. It definitely would, but I’m just not sure it’s halt worthy.

  12. Also, I already see the news in my TOS and the stock is still halted, so that leads me to believe there’s something more coming as well.

  13. What is this? WSB’s for kids?

  14. Let me guess, you had a 4 wind?

  15. Register for the Live Stream with this link:

  16. Any idea if this will be viewable after? Not gonna be able to watch at 2😢

  17. Only $33 bucks? I’d call that a win! One trade could easily put you into the green for the year!

  18. Hope isn’t a trading plan. Figure out a strategy you’re comfortable with and execute. Plan your trades and trade your plan.

  19. This is a very real thing. I’ve had at least 1 bro mess up his marriage and ended up divorced because he wanted to throw(24/7) and she wanted just a little time with him. This truly is the life of a DG’er. Once I got married and had kids my DG time has gone from minimum 1/day to maybe 1/week(if I’m lucky).

  20. Suspect. It was one of the first trilogy discs I tried 12 yrs ago, and it’s one of the very few molds that’s still in my bag to this day.

  21. I bag the g/acc glory as my slower OS fairway. Bc the disc is already OS the wb attribute isn’t really necessary imo. It’s an awesome disc, but if you can hold out for a g/acc one instead I’d recommend it.

  22. I would love to see a more unique course, such as an outer space course that different gravities could come into play, or a putt putt style course that you would want to throw rollers mostly on.

  23. Silver is the new gold. Simple as that.

  24. Maybe if this was implemented in its own sort of mode so it would be isolated, but I wouldn’t like to see this as a general change. Imagine paying money for one of those disc packs or winning a rare one off from an event(pd, escape, etc.) and then watching the stats diminish to the point of not wanting to use it anymore. I think this would deter more than it would help.

  25. Not that this would solve everything, but perhaps there could be a “renew” sort of button that would replace a beat in disc with a new one.

  26. I’m still not a fan because I like having a color coordinated bag which has taken a long time to build. I wouldn’t want to have to change my bag constantly and take away from what has taken me years to build.

  27. Margin calls are happening, but the news is being suppressed because we’re so close to election time. It would be bad for politicians to have that sort of news making headlines right now. The stories are out there though, just not being discussed as headlines yet.

  28. I don’t have any awards to give atm, but will this due? 🏆

  29. Nice shooting! That’s an awesome clip!

  30. The FED has been giving bailout money to the banks since 08, but they have just called it QE. Instead of just handing them stacks of cash they “lend” them money basically for free. Also, if you recall they did bailout the banks right before COVID then barred anyone from talking about it. So yea, to answer your question, the FED has been keeping the banks a float for a long time now which has incentivized them to continue their risk taking and that’s what’s led us to where we are now.

  31. Versus the American style bailout where there is initially posturing and tough talk, but ultimately we shower our banks with money, and offer them a refreshing Coke. Somehow everyone gets a bonus. Then we blame poor people and immigrants for causing the problems.

  32. Did you mean a coke refresher? Pretty sure you did.

  33. With the whole shit show twitch is dealing with currently, this would be a prime opportunity for GameStop to have some type of platform for streamers to play this on too.🤔

  34. I’m torn between a berg or k1 reko.🤔

  35. My reko has too much fade for that shot. I would have to blast it to keep it straight and that’s just could lead to bad news. I can see a k3 though.

  36. Really? Mine is like a laser beam. Dead straight with maybe a slight fade at the end. I also throw mine a lot, so it’s pretty beat at this point.

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