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  1. Enjoy! It’s the main reason I use Phenibut. It’s fascinating how it enhances it in my opinion. It doesn’t change how it sounds by a whole helluva lot, maybe how the highs and lows separate out?? It makes it way more captivating for me. Regardless I always end up just listening for hours and hours on end. Exploring new types is always a bonus.

  2. Yes, it's real, and it does serious damage. I was gonna try it once until I saw the brain scans...

  3. they’ve asked to be taped down, the grief would be too much otherwise

  4. All I know is I get stuck with nothing in my brain and can't remember what I was talking about. Much like weed only worse.

  5. Don't worry. It only gets worse with heavier use! Even persists to some degree after you quit if you're abusing it hard enough.

  6. Yes but it would always happen to me on the comedown

  7. I was thinking LSD, psilocybin or DMT then being overly stressed about the space suit he inhabits becomes quite trivial.

  8. No longer bartarded but I invest in GME so definitely regarded. 8 months since I touched a Xanax but I still get wavy on acid, shrooms, dmt and special K 😅

  9. Enjoy it, fam! The most dangerous part of using expired medications is the belief that it has lost potency. People take higher doses because they think "expired" means "weak".

  10. You jest, but methamphetamine sensitizes the prostrate considerably more than it sensitizes the genitals in most men.

  11. Well, first I need someone to start it, so if you reply with "Who?" then I will send the reply

  12. My question. Did you ever experience complete dissociation to where you felt like you just weren't real? My biggest issue is that I just don't feel real and I just feel so crazy, it's frightening. I'm constantly scared that I'm experiencing psychosis or schizophrenia even though I know I'm not. I have been doing therapy and getting better slowly, alot of the symptoms I had since day 1 are gone, but the strange visual stuff and general head feelings are still there. Oh! Did you ever have an issue with the dark? I feel like my depth perception is totally off and it just feels like I'm looking into a static void

  13. Maybe most famous for his untimely death, but it seems like senator

  14. Do we seriously need to have actual classes in school on anti-stupid

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