1. This, yes. Out of all the fantasy books I’ve read, I find the religion in this series the most convincing. The gods have no power over the material world and can only affect the spirit, which makes for some amazingly long plans that can be derailed any time a human agent exercises their free will to change their mind.

  2. Careful - If you are not referencing the actual series, the author will sue you so fast it will make your pen spin

  3. Not true, unless you have actual evidence to back up your claim. Wong trademarked System Apocalypse so you can’t use the term as the title of a book or series. You can still use the term as a description without being sued.

  4. I really like the Grog series by RW Krpoun. A half-orc gladiator slave is purchased by an elf sorceress to help find a historical relic that will help the king. The whole series reads like a D&D campaign, in a good way.

  5. It was well written, yeah, but not my thing. I’m trying to think of a way to say this without being insulting, but I think it would definitely be popular with a lot of folks on this group. Especially fans of ELLC.

  6. I saw this on TikTok, and I'm not sure if I saw it on Reddit, but there was a narrative about how the parents of the OP made her believe she was being abducted in order to "teach her a lesson" after she bullied someone in high school (the person who was bullied was also in it) As a result of almost being "kidnapped," the op now experiences extreme anxiety while getting into a car.

  7. See, i didn’t like it because the murder hobo was somehow both boring and ridiculous.

  8. Hack Slash and Burn was a big surprise for me - it was simultaneously thrilling and basic. It’s so LitRPG that you could write it, but I loved that simplicity and the author really capitalized on doing the basics like a master. Maybe you’ll like it to.

  9. I read the first book and liked it quite a lot.

  10. You are being dishonest by describing what people complain about as "sex". The ENTIRE book is a long series of torture and vore porn. People can deal with evil characters what most sane rational people have a problem with is the constant vivid description of the most disgusting genres of porn.

  11. Second this. Bad enough the book (first one at least) is full of torture/snuff porn, but it feels like every fucking fan of the book is on a mission to get other people to read it by lying about the contents.

  12. Took me a hot second to process what you meant by islander uncle for some reason and I was just like "are uncles that are fans of the Islanders better people or something?"

  13. I don’t know about the Islanders, but I can tell you right now uncles that are fans of the Yankees are assholes.

  14. Yeah and this sub was flooded with RIP Cheddar posts for like 2 months every single day. Only time I wasn't a fan of this sub. Like we all love Cheddar but not everyone needed to create their own post on it

  15. I firmly believe no one has ever been more wrong on the internet.

  16. Hands up, who else thinks these bots are getting out of hand?

  17. I won’t be on until this evening, but I know a great way to do it and can help you the if you still need it.

  18. There’s a bridge on the highway near Seneca rocks, there’s shallow water underneath the bridge so you just need someone to unequip their armor and jump into the water, you die when you land and you can wait below and stim them.

  19. Before she met my dad, my mom (liberal white girl from suburban Detroit) was dating a guy whose family was from Alabama.

  20. One of my elementary school teachers talked about visiting family in the South when she was a kid in the 40s. She threw a fit because they wouldn’t let her drink from the fountain labeled “Colored.”

  21. Until we get card games on motorcycles none of them will have met their full potential

  22. I always drop glowing meat from humanoids for this reason. I DO sell their blood, though.

  23. Actually the only legal form of cannibalism is to eat your own meat. I once saw a news story of a guy who was in a motorcycle accident that needed to have his leg amputated. Somehow this guy was able to keep his leg after surgery and preserved it so that he could invite his friends over one night and cook his amputated leg as dinner for all his friends to taste human flesh.

  24. Hate, hate, hate that song. If you like cheating on your partner / Instead of talking it out. Ugh. They're both stupid and deserve each other.

  25. They absolutely deserve each other, and that’s why it’s one of the greatest songs ever written.

  26. Wow... personal ads have really changed from the days of pinã coladas and walks in the rain.

  27. When I have bar or diner camps I put one of each board game on a thanksgiving display so my patrons can play while they wait.

  28. You mean that several books just have "Gnomes Rule" as an obscure reference to something?

  29. I mean, it’s saying gnomes rule. Not exactly obscure.

  30. In my experience it's pretty rare to be attacked at workshops these days. Especially by much higher level players. But some people just need to feel better about themselves by bullying others. I especially love that your idiot was so weaksauce you actually killed him when he first attacked, so he had to go home and get his Dad.

  31. If you get too close to a hippo, they generally rule it a suicide.

  32. This is a Pygmy Hippo. They’re half the size and a quarter of the weight of a regular hippo, and generally much less aggressive.

  33. I’ve tried explaining this to my wife, but she still says we can’t have one.

  34. Is it bad I want them to actually mint a real one and put it in a huge vault so that we can have movies based on trying to steal it for the next 10 years? That's just creating entertainment industry jobs right there.

  35. Nicolas Cage steals the trillion dollar coin, and then a guy who looks suspiciously like Nicolas Cage with a mustache turns it in to the government for the reward money. 'Cause where the hell you gonna spend it?

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