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  1. Make every spawn face a wall or put the spawns right on an edge and face them off the edge so that when people spawn and instinctively move forward they fall off the map

  2. I think they're adding two new armor kits for Mark V[B] which has the knife

  3. Which contradicts their statement about cosmetics that you purchase not being able to be earned for free lol

  4. It doesn’t? You can only use it in the Kit, unlike if you paid for it where it’s usable with any armor.

  5. If they hold to their promise of letting us use individual pieces from kits it does

  6. 343 GS being brought back was dumb. He was a pile of crumbs when Halo blew up. How they ever thought he could survive that is beyond me.

  7. Lol It's only the weight of the entire Halo universe hanging on their shoulders.

  8. Lucky for them the weight of the Halo universe isn’t as big as it used to be 💀

  9. The bottom two crescent horns on the Ageless Champions helmet also look like Vampire Drifts face

  10. A LOT! But all jokes aside, you can complete a match in 10-15 minutes. I've seen faster times with a competent team.

  11. I’m going to be doing this solo, none of my friends want to play H5 again (neither do I tbh) and I’m only a little past 109. Plus with work I only have a couple hours a night to do this. Any way to get a concrete number on this?

  12. At rank SR109 you've accumulated 3,740,000 points. You have another 46,260,000 points to go to achieve SR152.

  13. Very neat tool! But I’m actually 110 so I’m closer than I thought 😎 ( 🥲 )

  14. Hoping that the lack of Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo is just because of a legal issue that gets resolved. They’re pretty new and I don’t think Orange Piccolo has an official name yet.

  15. Can anyone in this thread explain what has happening at the end of the mission Forerunner?

  16. Anyone wanna explain why Chief didn't die when the nuke went off? I greatly dislike Master Chief because he's just the perfect "hey look guys I can do literally anything!" Character and it bugs me so much that at the end of H4 he straight up survives a nuke because big booba lady saved him via [REDACTED]

  17. She nuzzled his bulgy-wulgy until he was UwU’d to safety

  18. First shop skin was the pink bunny man. Don’t really know why I bought it lol

  19. If you care that deep about them being boring ancient humans (not that 343 did much cool with them being separate other than Greg Bear's excellent work) then you don't care for Halo 4, right? So why does it even matter?

  20. Because narratively halo has been weak since 343 took over and Greg Bears work being excellent is subjective.

  21. They don't act the same as the humans do. They just... don't. No more than the Sangheili or Unggoy do, anyway.

  22. They have a caste based society with corrupt positions of power. That is very human

  23. Incredible. I just recently modeled the chest piece but haven’t made the rest. These files up for download anywhere? I’d love to not have to model the rest myself :) might make different shoulders and a helmet though.

  24. Very nice. Just got into 3D printing recently and I can’t wait to have a suit of my own!

  25. I’m sure the stick/baton he has holstered isn’t meant for anyone in particular

  26. Yes, I haven’t liked the last 3 campaigns we got so I’ve been checked out from the lore for a while now. I just don’t think 343 has it in them to make a good story

  27. I missed out on getting the Trample Scott skin but now I have the Rick Slamchez skin and Prickle Rick back bling so I’m good on controversial figures

  28. Haha, you more of a blonde or brunette guy?

  29. But a life sized version of this Pocahontas would be nice

  30. They better not take my Rick skin and pickle Rick back bling away from me in Fortnite that shit gonna be worth something now

  31. Dude, you got most of it right, except for the mysterious bullshit. He literally showed people how he did it. He did promote the mysterious story to sell the park, but it was never all that secret. Here is a video of him cutting and moving the blocks and those secret methods that he “never allowed anyone to see”:

  32. Pretty sure the show Ancient Aliens pushed the idea that it was a big secret no one was allowed to see

  33. Lol why is 343 on that image they can’t even make Halo

  34. Not quite the same but the Chrome beings in that one loading screen last season never appeared

  35. I heard the same thing in 2008 about 2012 and then in 2012 it was 2017. The stories about contact in the distant but not too distant future should not be believed. It's unprovable before hand and gives someone years of milking it.

  36. Anyone remember the in 06 when the apocalypse was going to happen on 6/6/06? Fun times

  37. At first I read “if you’re brain dead”

  38. I feel like 343 is going to try and bank on if they can turn Infinite's MP around in 2023 and if the rumored battle royale can get a good grip on popularity, and decide the franchise's future after that. Might end up being a Titanfall/Apex situation where Halo pivots to MP-only.

  39. I’ve been so not invested in 343’s story telling for years so maybe MP only is for the best

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