1. The sober person for letting a drunk person manipulate them when they have all of their senses.

  2. "Fuck me or I kill myself! I am so drunk I'm gonna do it!"

  3. If they use threat of suicide to coerce unwilling vicim into sex? Yes. Rape is bad, 'mkay.

  4. That 100% depends on what kind of trouble.

  5. Is he citizen of the country that imprisoned him?

  6. That classification is basically taking classification applied to wolf pack behavior and then applied to humans.

  7. NTA. Ultimately, you should have checked with Chris... which you did.

  8. Russia will stop and try to digest the gains. This will take decades. Russia will be in no shape to launch further attacks and neither will Putin have need to: victory in Ukraine will have achieved his domestic objectives.

  9. CT scans: this was exposure to ionizing radiation, but not radioactive contamination. So, at the time of scan, some cells may have been affected and became cancerous. Since after 10 years you are still not aware of having cancer, chances are no cells have undergone mutations that would make them cancerous or your immune system has killed them all off before they could start a tumor.

  10. keep in mind that dna damage is cumulative, so even "repaired" dna can have bad segments and that over time the damage can be added to, leading to cancer

  11. Cumulative nature is somewhat true, but mechanism is different.

  12. Best case scenario for communication between North America and London was 3 months to send a message. 3 more months to get reply. This made things complicated. Having politicsl leadership close to actual battlefield was a huge advantage for the Colonies.

  13. Moving from Houston to Dallas is technically migration.

  14. I am not sure what "pure" and "tainted" means in your post. Is it COVID vaccines?

  15. LOL. He wont be getting a big pay out from insurance for a beater car. Insurance will low ball him big time.

  16. Insurance will not even low ball him. Insurance will instead tell him that racing is not covered in the first place.

  17. Based on OPs additional information it wasn't a race as such, but a navigational rally within the public road rules.

  18. Insurances balk at covering Uber drivers without commercial insurance.

  19. There is no specific event horizon where a person moves from being a child to being an adult. So, things such as age of adulthood and age of consent are legal constructs designed as a compromise between on one side protecting a person from being taken advantage of due to their immaturity while on the other side not restricting mature person's freedom.

  20. If discovered performing sexual act at work, you will likely be fired on the spot, in large part out of fear that otherwise person who discovered you might complain about sexual harrassment.

  21. I have no idea what's so masonic/satanic about butterflies.

  22. Of course it does! No one is entitled to a romantic relationship.

  23. Under actual socialist regimes,m it would vary a lot. All of Europe today is capitalist, as is China.

  24. Covid vaccine was quick to develop because:

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