El Paso: “🪢 First time?”

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  1. If he’s not being polite then he is a asshat. Try not to worry about him. I say ignore him. Why? Because despite what people may tell you, if a man is truly into a woman he will make time for them. He will pursue her, he will find a way to get her attention. And also, never let a guy think you want his attention or in any way are desperate for attention. Most men sense it and think there is no challenge. Men need a challenge. They feel good when they meet it and succeed. This guy? Nah. Let it go. Lots of guys out there.

  2. I believe they had a hand in it. My daughter answers her assessments by asking the question what would a liberal do? She gets the credit and we discuss the issue. She’s got a good mind and a beautiful soul

  3. They look good. What weight does it go to? Where did you get them? Any issues?

  4. Awesome set up! Where did you get the yellow piece and the double stack?

  5. Powertech I got off marketplace and the cable machine is from amstaff fitness

  6. Why so much love for the Glock 19? Personally, I have Glocks 22,23,27. All .40 cal I convert to 9mm and to .357sig. Much better in my opinion. That said, between the Glock 19 and the P-01 I’d take the P-01 any day every day.

  7. Love it. And I’m jealous lol! Congratulations on a great gym and a view. You could get paid to rent that out or train there.

  8. Well She-Hulk is a flop. I don’t care for rings of power or house if the dragon either. We’re just getting bad shows.

  9. I would say CrossFit would be excellent. Body weight exercises will help. Add in sprints?

  10. My son had a date the other day. They Artie lunch. He drank his beverage with a straw. She said she hated that because of the turtles. He then paid for lunch. She said he was being toxic. Walking away they made their way to stairs and escalator. She asked are you coming? He said no I’ll take the stairs. She then said she wanted the both of them to go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. He politely declined. This girl has no clue what it means for a young man to become a gentleman. Good luck girl l. Best you can hope for is a simp that’ll run at the first sign if trouble

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