1. So the adults that have been ruining the planet for the past 50+ years get to be young and healthy again?

  2. OP won’t find an answer, he’ll just get more propaganda regurgitated talking points and strawman arguments.

  3. Either way looking at both sides of the argument is the best solution. Hearing both sides of the argument is the best no matter what

  4. That’s what I’m getting at. There’s no both sides. Hearing blatant Socialism is totalitarian and distortions of the basic definition of Socialism is not describing the cons.

  5. It’s capturing what the other side believes, something I believe is very important in critical thinking. Even if is simply misinformation one will at least be able to say they tried to hear the other side.

  6. that is so wrong I cant sit on my hands. the 25th is because Jewish tradition states that a prophet dies on the day they were conceived. Easter - 9 months + mix in some calendar switching mix in lunar calendar switching and you get December the 25th. Christmas was celebrated before the 1800's its why olly Cromwell banned it with the puritans in the 1600s during the English civil war. Christmas was celebrated as far back as the 4th century and the orthodox church sorta got mixed up with the calendar shit so they have Christmas on the 7th of jan on the Gregorian calendar

  7. Tbf, a lot of people think he’s white

  8. Even if it wasn't a troll/joke it is still not CI.

  9. That may be it. Personally I believe as humans are social animals we don’t want to feel as if we’re alone in this world so we create supernaturals ideas

  10. Keep in mind - freedom of speech means no legal action against this stuff, but social action can be taken

  11. Baal is a god in a middle eastern mythology. In the Bible he is ‘evilized’ as he is not Yahweh

  12. But like I’ve heard Christian’s using this narrative of satan being a fallen angel but I’ve never seen any sources for that.

  13. Well, the Islamic telling actually says that Satan was a Jinn. He was also a creation of God with free will and the obligation to do the prey, fasting, etc. Angels did not have free will.

  14. Oh yes ideologies are religions because they match with the definition I personally created for religions

  15. First you asked me of my definition of a religion also I just used the definition off Google

  16. I Personally disagree with you on this whole conversation but I see no reason to continue it so I’m going to stop it if that’s ok with you

  17. No. Secularism is simply separated church and state. Which is to say that government doesn't force religion onto or out of people, which isn't strictly atheist. State atheism is a strictly atheist government, which forces atheism onto people

  18. OK. Just like how state Christianity is a Christian government that forces Christianity?

  19. what gets my goat is when people act as if law wasn't a thing back then

  20. Honestly a story with an actual realistic medieval setting would be so much more interesting

  21. It’s weird that it talks about price right? Like, it’s in a public restroom so it’s free for me, it would be different if it was about environmental damage but right now it looks like it’s asking me to save the owner money

  22. Did you know? You can save the owner money by using these instead of paper towels!

  23. Saving them money by not using as much energy and electricity or waste products? Which is what we as a species should really be striving toward given the current crisis? Sounds good to me idk what the problem with that statement is. Genuinely I wanna know what the is problem with that is, sorry if I come off as sarcastic.

  24. The environment part is fine it’s the idea that that is not what brought up but the fact that it’s cheaper for the company

  25. Not really. The best states have a blend of capitalism and socialism. Many great examples. Absent that blend you have terrible bloodbaths, depressions, recessions, causing unacceptable levels of suffering. Many examples of predominantly capitalist systems hitting catastrophic lows. Selfishness and greed and the desire for status are so strong in the human animal that it causes us to do stupid things sometimes. Capitalism harnesses that stupid selfishness and throws off some benefits to society, sure, but overall it’s just people competing to be little Kings, competing to have hubris and a sense of status. It’s really silly, we need brain surgery to save our species. You can have capitalism and dictatorship, and you can have personal freedom and democracy with socialism. Stop tethering the economic system to the political system or governmental structure. They are not tethered.

  26. No. That is the incorrect definition. Or it seems you take it as a given that it means ALL workers own by legal government sanction ALL means of production. I think the confusing is the word ALL. You have to break free from that paradigm. Socialism is not a government. It is a style of production. You can have two factories on Main Street. One can be socialist, where the workers own it, one vote one worker; the other can be capitalist with employers and employees. The best government simply makes sure that both can do their thing, both are legal, and all participants are doing so voluntarily. Get it?

  27. Yeah, that place is questionable at least. Seems everybody from both sides are against them.

  28. Whoever made this is obviously biased

  29. I value books above all other resources.

  30. That makes sense! I’m going to look into a book most likely. Thank you everyone for helping me decide!

  31. Start with the Building Habits series on YouTube and the rest of the advice in the wiki

  32. Alright thanks! That seems like a good place to start. I’m decently comfortable with notation so I might as well give a book a shot. Thanks!

  33. That ain't a Liberal. Western Progressivism has gone far beyond Liberalism and abandoned it's core principles. Progressives in the west are a weird mix of Socialism, collectivism and bigotry.

  34. Yes, things like CRT which are core to the modern progressive movement were created by Marxists.

  35. I would definitely like a source for this shit lol

  36. What’s the point of articles talking about how good green beans are? They’re simply encouraging healthy habits that also help the environment

  37. Sorry, what’s the problem with this? Supporting a healthy and probably tasty meal! They’re evil!

  38. I’d ask him to cite sources and to make another series of videos of Unsimplified history

  39. Ok, for the first two you are specifically talking about america which I don’t believe it fair to call it all liberals fault. But now I see where you’re coming from. For your last point, that seems very baseless.

  40. 95% of claims: "I have to arrange my bookshelf by color uwu I'm so OCD!" - untrue and offensive

  41. As far as I’ve seen anyway, it’s often confused with just liking to be organized.

  42. I guess fair enough, but I would probably believe someone it they said they had OCD

  43. This is why the compromise position of keeping one stud male for every ten females is so compelling

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