Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. 2 weeks ago, Brozime, was told he was a very good source because he's been doing this for years

  2. Don't use any tier lists, but especially Brozimes. He has tons of misinformation. Takes him like 2 years to realize something is good. Just find a frame you enjoy aesthetically and thematically and try to make them work. Following builds from other people is basically taking content away from yourself, as it's a big part of what makes Warframe fun. All the frames can do pretty much any relevant content, so don't be afraid to try something if you like it.

  3. Even then, that one game Liquid won was...not very decisive, to say the least.

  4. Was gonna say, they should not have won that game heh.

  5. I see this repeated quite often. But in the same manner, Tundra should not have won that G3 in upper bracket finals. Even Saksa said post game they were sure Secret would stomp them after the early game, until the dive happened. You can say the same for Liquid, they probably should have lost to TA earlier on.

  6. Waiting for someone to recap it - I really don't think I want to watch this

  7. I'll do my best to summarize, honestly it was sickening. There are 4 videos from different body cams and what seem to be street cameras. They pull Tyre over and immediately yank him out of the car. He is already asking why, and saying he didn't do anything wrong. What they do to him included being tasered repeatedly, sprayed with pepper spray point blank directly in the face repeatedly, held up by the other officers so one of them could beat him with a swagger stick repeatedly. Throughout everything he is begging them to stop, calling out for his mom, asking what he did wrong. The officers are beating him so much they are all out of breath. They are also verbally abusing him continually. I'd say they treated him like an animal but I don't think a person could treat an animal this poorly. Afterwards when other police start to show up it appears that they try to cover their tracks a bit? It looked like one of them tried to rewind the taser cartridge? But I'm not sure I don't really know how those work. I wish I hadn't watched this.

  8. Didn't Liquid have a 1hp moment in TI as well. On micke pango or sth

  9. I think that was when Matu infest saved Micke's Pango when they were pushing to end vs Thunder Awaken.

  10. Shattering star before deep breath as well. Try to get 20 stacks of increased pyre damage from blue spells if you can, even if you just spam azure strike a bunch. Chrono loop is also insane as well.

  11. Of course - shuffle is perfect for life situations like ours haha, play when you can without a lot of downtime. You can do it good luck

  12. 32 yo dad of three, I have 2 elite sets from solo shuffle and priest is next so this was amazing advice. Thank you very much for taking the time to write this out.

  13. Yeah the Druid nerfs felt very tone-deaf to me.

  14. And now that they have been out for a while people are realizing how completely useless prevokers are into purge. If there's a shaman, priest or arcane mage on the other team and they know this then you literally can't win. A good shaman/priest healer should go 6-0 vs a prevoker every time. Our big hots have huge cds and can all be purged after this patch. It's miserable.

  15. I’ll have to check his out, I had a boomie in a lobby last night and he didn’t have a good time

  16. If you go a full single target build you can do some pretty nice burst now. Going a rot spec on boomy is griefing yourself imo.

  17. If you win most of your placement games in SS you're pretty much going to get 1800 for free at least. 2s is a lot more grindy, don't get as much per win.

  18. I died to a dh with all of my hots up and emerald communion rolling on my prevoker. 200k death sweep and 98k essence break. Yeah damage is totally reduced to fair levels. And I'm at like 422 pvp ilvl can't imagine how it is for less geared healers.

  19. And now put yourself into the shoes of the other healers with less throughput who have to do other things than afk heal to win in regular matches. They have even less time to do their thing, and lack throughput.

  20. Rdruid is ridiculously gcd locked for healing though. Yes they have high throughput but to achieve that throughput they have to be casting constantly. This is especially bad if the other team target swaps or has any purges. You literally can't spend a global on cyclone or you will lose the round.

  21. Yeah but I think he was also just super tilted..probably not playing 100 correct. But yeah obviously there is a massive red flag there forsure

  22. Idk he's usually pretty PMA. Plus he was playing ret arms which should be it's best comp.

  23. I dno what pma is but yeah I agree that was rough for him..but they were all kinda tilted haha it was a weird sesh

  24. Had a 1600 healer in my 2490mmr lobby. Was wild with kills

  25. Supa (who I think is 3k now on boomy) had 1500 healers in one game. Can you imagine being the healer in that lobby. To their credit the healers actually played pretty well.

  26. To be fair, it’s much easier to heal people who appropriately use defensives to mitigate damage and can successfully peel people off of you.

  27. This is solo shuffle, dps don't do that even at 3k /s

  28. Would never put Supa in S+ tier lol. He is good commentator and has huge knowledge but not S+ player for sure

  29. Isn't he like 3k in solo shuffle on boomy and resto? How is that not a good player lol.

  30. The survival hunter god. His guide is probably the best piece of wow pvp content. So thorough.

  31. About Time is one of my favorite movies. I watched it first when my wife and I were dating, then again when we got married and then when we had kids. Man it hits hard.

  32. Only movie that’s ever made me cry. Beautiful film.

  33. Now that I'm a dad sometimes I stop and think that eventually I won't have any more time with my kids, its just an inevitability. Helps me remember to make the most out of the time we have together.

  34. Actual executives are emailing and in meetings all throughout the day, not just during lunch too 😂

  35. I'm not a CEO by any means but as a manager I'm in meetings or answering emails pretty much all day. Really putting my PhD in physics to good use.

  36. I remember reading some kind of time management book where they said to set aside one hour at the start of the day for emails, and not look at them for the rest of the day.

  37. Not looking at email all day? Yeah that's a great way to lose my job for sure.

  38. It's brutal. The big hots for both specs have decently long cds like dream breath and cen ward. Losing seconds off those can end up being a lot of pressure. Especially prevoker any kind of purge is so hard to deal with, since all of our hots have cooldowns and that's the primary way we heal. And now dream projection can be purged too :(.

  39. I mean, I'd say it's the primary way to heal through normal damage phases. The whole "heal someone to full 4x in a row" has nothing to do with hots.

  40. Are you talking about Emerald Communion? Or maybe stasis heals? Because only that will often not save someone, maybe if you used verdant before. Neither are topping someone from zero to full 4 times, that's for sure. Just look at logs, all of the top heals for prevoker are hots with cooldowns, it's extremely susceptible to purge effects.

  41. Bad ferals flop over and die. Look at the recent AWC matches, the good ferals know how to camp bear form and survive to do their crazy damage.

  42. MW isnt terrible, its just very positional dependant and your team mates need to have at least half a dozen braincells to not drag you away from port range cause they LoS you when at 30% HP dragging you into the middle of the arena.

  43. Whoa, you're asking for half a dozen brain cells in SS? Are you nuts? Most of the time the dps have two brain cells that are fighting for third place.

  44. "Currently, we have licensing agreements with a third party covering the publication of several Blizzard titles in China. These agreements, which contributed approximately 3% of Activision Blizzard's consolidated net revenues in 2021, expire in January 2023."

  45. 3% of Blizzard's revenue isn't 3% of WOW's revenue, my dude. They have more than one game...

  46. Lol I meant the company but okay. You're right I guess. :D

  47. One year Exec asked all of the hiring managers for a list of their direct reports, in order of how well they were performing.

  48. I get this shit at work all the time. We use this dumb scale where outstanding is the top mark. I'm a supervisor and strongly advocate for everyone who is on my teams because by the company's own metrics they are doing an outstanding job. But I'm forced to change their rating lower to fit a bell curve. Then they wonder why we have retention issues.

  49. For me, I think Bkop is very good caster in chaotic fights or high action situations where he doesn't have a chance to talk about anything else but what is happening in front of his face.

  50. I think being paired with someone like Lacoste is perfect for him. Lacoste notices every weird little thing and can bring that up during down time plus dad jokes. I think they make a nice team.

  51. Pixel/Fogged is definitely the GOAT. However I will say I'm surprisingly liking Lyrical and Fogged. It's like the two nicest people ever casting dota, they are so cute.

  52. How much damage are you doing to your kids and their future relationships?

  53. I'd sacrifice any number of lifetimes of happiness just to make sure I'm with my kids every day. That's the main factor. My wife and I are extremely pleasant to each other, we don't fight at all tbh. All our family and friends always say we're the "perfect couple." We work well together raising kids, we just don't have any physical intimacy. I made peace with this a long time ago, it's not like I'm walking around grumpy all the time or we fight ever. I don't necessarily know how important it is for kids to see their parents make out heh. It's just not worth leaving just for what, someone to hold my hand and cuddle? I'm more pragmatic than that.

  54. Has it always been like that? This seems like an extreme case of db, since most complain about lack of sex, but dont have any real trouble with basic physical touch like hugs and kisses, just that one of the partners just lacks any real libido

  55. It wasn't like this at all when we were dating. We had sex frequently, would fall asleep cuddling naked, etc. We dated for 6 years before we got married and it was very pleasant. Then we got married and almost immediately things started going downhill. Then we had kids and the physical intimacy completely evaporated. My wife is also a teacher, so any time I would initiate even just a hug she would say "I'm just really touched out right now." I got sick of asking for something as simple as a hug so I stopped trying and stopped asking. After I let go it was a little freeing. Now I try to enjoy the fact that she leaves me alone after the kids are in bed to enjoy video games and some alone time.

  56. For me it's been video games. Sometimes it's the only way I get through the day.

  57. These threads are always nice reminders that there are actually women out there who do initiate sex. Makes me jealous but at least someone out there is happy.

  58. Someone didn't play 30+ minute sham/lock/X games in MoP.

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