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  1. I 100% recommend banjo claws, durable, cheap, and very intense. I think they tickle more than nails.

  2. In the right spots it can definitely amplify the orgasm, my underarms and toes getting tickled while I’m on the edge is almost guaranteed to get me there but those are also my favorite spots to have tickled.

  3. I guess if she enjoys being tickled it really doesn’t matter how ticklish she is? I have plenty of spots that I enjoy being tickled even though they don’t make me hysterical

  4. So, maybe I’m a bit biased, but it’s the hottest shit ever.

  5. There was somebody many moons ago who would hire Filipino sex workers and tickle them to an almost illegal extent — they would be in clear distress, but he and the other sex worker lers would persist unmercifully

  6. I accidentally stumbled across this recently, no I’m not posting it, cnc is totally ok with me but those videos are NOT consensual.

  7. Out of everybody I’ve personally let in on my tickling fetish, every single one that was open to the experience loved it.

  8. That niche side of feet with muscle girls and/or transforming and/or She-hulk kinks gotta be having a wild time.

  9. Your toes look sensitive, I’d love to get my fingers all over them

  10. I definitely prefer tickling in my sexual encounters, but it’s not necessary.

  11. A little bit of weed goes great with tickling IMO, not for everybody obviously but I’ve never had a bad time.

  12. Couple tickling has so much untapped potential, seriously so hot.

  13. I LOVE videos like this where you can hear and see how horny the tickling is making somebody 🤤

  14. “I should be entitled to only jack off to women’s feet”

  15. At the end of the day, I think we can all agree 007 wouldn’t be a American patriot.

  16. Here’s one I’ve yet to see: Lers who go absolutely sicko mode the second they start tickling somebody.

  17. Pedicure tickling - I like pedicures as much as the next person and I get the excitement of being tickled by a “normie” and having to hold it in, having them comment on your ticklishness, etc. but the fetishizing of someone who is just trying to do their job needs to stop. People will record, make thirsty comments, or specifically get a pedicure just so they can be tickled. It’s ruined pedicures for me and when I voice this opinion I’m called a buzzkill lol

  18. As a male, whenever I’ve talked to females in the community about this stuff it’s been a huge turn off.

  19. They say laughter is the best medicine so you’re doing a great job ;)

  20. I’d say I’m genuinely 50/50 here, it really depends what the situation is for me but I’m always down for either role.

  21. Work your way up to more intense methods! Maybe start with feathers and work up to fingers and maybe even brushes after that

  22. I like that a lot! A gradual tease that eventually becomes full on torture is super hot

  23. Great way to mess around and find out what works best where too ;)

  24. Most important thing is to flag that garbage as inappropriate, still boggles my mind what they’re willing to keep on social media in terms of things like this.

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