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  1. This is the only logical, and acceptable explanation

  2. Congratulations, you’re now deaf! Don’t worry, you won’t ever hear anybody speaking, ever again.

  3. Anyone who says taco bell is joining the dead horse they're kicking so unceremoniously

  4. I love the diversity of opinions among the fans on this sub. While Parrhesia is my 2nd least favorite album as a whole, Red Miso is some of their best stuff to date IMO (along with Monomyth). As someone whose favorite album is Madness, it makes me excited for new material in the future.

  5. Yes, I love hearing every fan's takes and opinions! Thanks. I forgot I actually came on this sub to make a Matt Garstka appreciation post after seeing another thread with similar sentiments regarding the "Matt Fartska" comment, and now I feel I've got to double down! TJoM couldn't have happened without Matt's drumming influence and style, and I love TMoM, for I think it is their most jazz oriented album. If you're a guitar player, I urge you to go back and listen to songs like The Glass Bridge and Cognitive Contortions.

  6. That would give me so much anxiety. Between trying to find address, traffic, pedestrians, wtf? Lol. How was the tip?

  7. Tip was fine, $3. Total was $6 for 1.8 miles. Their house wasn't hard to access, but the houses were coinjoined and the numbers for each address were a little elusive. Having directions took me 30 seconds to read and may have saved me a couple minutes.

  8. 3 bucks is not fine. Not a fan of doing 20 to 25 minutes of work for 6 bucks.

  9. Love the generated impact font top-text bottom-text format lmaooo

  10. By pure logic we need your husband's MIL thrown into the mix

  11. Corner of Kelp and Coral. You know, in that part of town.

  12. Got a vegan bitch in the peace corp, all she ever do is ask me what I eat meat for

  13. Everything is in 1 if you stop counting like a nerd

  14. Putting your opinion into a meme format doesn't make it any less opinion

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