1. Why is there no Silksong in your bingo board?

  2. So the average amount of ejaculate released is between 1.5 and 5ml -- let's assume the highest value for illustrative purposes despite the fact that I feel like it would be unrealistic...

  3. How can they always be experience higher than normal call volumes? If that's always the case then that's the new normal.

  4. That's just on by default now. Always.

  5. What is UPS? I see people say that alot but i dont know what it means.

  6. Updates Per Second. It is the speed at which the game can render/generate a new update, which is different thing from Frames Per Second (FPS).

  7. Is it No, OP should not stop? What is IANAD?

  8. I am not a (I'm guessing "Doctor" in this instance)

  9. I don't know, if it's experimental doesn't it mean things might still go wrong?

  10. For what it's worth, about 3,000 of my >4,700 hours of Factorio playtime has been the experimental branch (going back to 2018/version ~0.16?), including about 75% of that time being modded experimental, and I think my game has crashed once.

  11. I support your second point of "no more posts requesting people buy them the game" - I would have thought posts like that were already kind of gauche but if you are thinking/seeing they are frequent enough to warrant the rule then make it so.

  12. I have since learned that you can only sticky two posts, so just throw my second suggestion out with the landfill.

  13. Despite how much people call those "cheating", I just love how much cleaner blueprints end up being without those mountains of basic beacons.

  14. That's why I love the beacon rebalancing that takes place in SE - that combined with the efficiency module tweaks means that your base doesn't end up being 40-80% beacons like in vanilla, and it isn't a terrible idea to occasionally use green modules.

  15. I'm very confident there are no small unconnected networks (I'm not using outposts) but this took looks excellent and I'm always prepared to be wrong. I'll install the mod and see how it goes!

  16. I remember hearing someone accidentially had an orphan power pole in one of their BP's they used everywhere, which were being classed as separate power grid, and consequently tanked their UPS.

  17. Time to own up to a mistake here- I seem to have about 30 1 or 2 pole electric networks! Shows what I know!

  18. Wait, what mod did you use to find this orphan power poles?

  19. I did that with normal tanks, can't even think of a reason I'd need writing at all? Why not let the BAT full up entirely?

  20. I wired all my storage tanks so I can fret about the total level of steam in the tanks as they go down during a CME.

  21. If you just click on them, they tell you the fluid level in the tank as well as the entire connected system. (But can't do that while you have the power monitoring window open ...)

  22. Yeah see I have that open, and I drag it down the bottom so I can only see the production/satisfaction level while mousing over a power pole that's giving me a steam level read.

  23. I explosive turn't and the max and up I cliff

  24. I and up the max ban turn explosives cliff.

  25. I'm trying to decide how to spice things up next. I've gotten to the point where I can launch a rocket + satellite every 15 minutes.

  26. To get the multiple locomotive + less air resistance speed boost, do all locomotives have to be grouped together at the head, or is having just one at the front and others elsewhere good to get all the benefits?

  27. I am not aware of an air resistance speed boost for locomotives, can you elaborate on where/how/why that is indicated somewhere?

  28. What method did you do to depressurise the ship?

  29. Why, what I always do! Zip zap zoop the airlock or cockpit before ever going in!

  30. While I usually do my best to properly depressurise (or at least have a controlled decompression), I kind of wonder if it is really worth my time, when I can get to cutting way sooner if I just take the hit slicing the airlock/cockpit/etc.

  31. I can't make out who the person is, why are they special?

  32. You know, it didn't occur to me to actually analyse the picture, but now that you mention it;

  33. You just need to know what you're looking for. If you've seen a 240Hz display, then it's apparent what that is. It's not exactly the same difference as 60 -> 165. Notably, the latency improvement (not quite 2ms) is probably irrelevant, whereas 60 -> 165 is quite huge (10.6 ms). If you just look at a 3D game and try to evaluate "smoothness," you'll notice a small difference from 165 to 240. If you look at your mouse cursor, it will be

  34. wait what there is a Factorio mod to change the framerate?!?!?!

  35. Putting the shopping trolley back when you are done with it. People seem to act like it's a sign of a degraded human being, but my time as a trolley pusher was some of my most enjoyable years, and having the extra work never bothered me.

  36. I was kind of surprised with how much traction vaping got before, low and behold, evidence started coming out that it was bad for you gee I wonder why.

  37. First off, thank you for the write up - this has given me a lot of food for thought and I'm going to see how I can go about processing this. I'll be asking some follow up questions, in no organised fashion, I'll just ask I go.

  38. Oh also - a "skip-to-next-wave" button - with "are you sure" yes/no prompt would be AMAZING

  39. So while I can reliably finish a Huge Brutal map, I really struggle with getting anywhere in Prestige mode - can you give me some pointers on how I might be able to do better?

  40. I replaced all the walls using /editor. This side room is now properly airlocked, but the console still says that it will break off when I move.

  41. There is a 1x1 file of spaceship flooring that that warning it talking about. You can deconstruct that piece of flooring, or just take off and leave it there, odds are that it will still work.

  42. Yeah it's a good question; upgrading/remaking your main base so it's more robust at supporting your infrastructure in space, or just winging it with what you have and making progression in space.

  43. I feel like you are only cheating yourself by not doing it efficient enough.

  44. Just kind of off topic from post and comments, but I will let you know that if you plan on going to space (since I can see you are running SE) with that equipment loadout, the personal solar panels in your grid will benifit from the increased solar rating as in space, so odds are you won't need that RTG in your suit.

  45. How does one play Miner mode? I couldn't find it yesterday when I tried.

  46. I'm having the same question today.

  47. So from what I figured out while digging around on here and on steam, you have to complete a Prestige run and pay to escape or whatever it is called. Hope this helps!

  48. I have managed to do that on a "Fixed Cobalt" run (which for me is currently occupying that place in the selection of where this new mode should come up), but have not done so in regular.

  49. I co-chaired the committee that reviewed the recommendation to revise the color of the book that magic is in. We kept it black!

  50. I thought the quite said they kept it grey...

  51. It did, but the scene is referring to books of rules, playing on the rigidity of so-called red tape As

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