1. Bought the dip today. Excited to get more shares for cheap

  2. Bought more on today’s dip. $5.75

  3. I wish, but….. not really seeing it

  4. Down 44% overall and still holding!

  5. Champ ... keep holding ....2+ years from who knows where we will be

  6. Definitely thought about pulling out and putting into other stocks then coming back with more shares but said fuck it and held. Not watching this one like a hawk any more since in 5 years hoping for Humana numbers!! LFG!!

  7. I’m holding that bag 😅

  8. Haha sorry got out of this garb. $METX is where I’m swinging now. Great entry point right now. Goes up .10 comes down .08, goes up .10 comes down .8, rinse repeat then boom! Price target $3

  9. I am honestly a little nervous about earnings on 11/8. Financials are going to look really bad and EPS is going to still be negative and I think by more than Q2. I want to be long but feel I can move my shares for a loss, put into something else for a short gain, then be able to buy back in the $6s.

  10. I am very comfortable where I’m at. Running sideways for me right now. Nice Bull flag starting to show.

  11. Not really, on a 25% gain day…..

  12. Me too right now but this was never really a pump and dump stock. Has long potential. I’m still in and holding. Nice Bull flag pattern building. Might run sideways for a few weeks but should run up, once buyers keep buying up the short shares. And they actually implement the $12M in Bitcoin mining equipment they purchased, with the option to buy more.

  13. Not much movement again today, Bull flag is there just holding and waiting

  14. Not as much as you, but a good amount to help the bank roll

  15. Clover Health going the change the Medicare industry and SoFi doing big things in the banking industry

  16. Why do you think this about Clover Health?

  17. Changing the way people can access health care. Also once the procedures pick back up from Covid starting to wind down this will send the Medicare industry way up. This is because a ton of people had to hold off on procedures due to only essential work being complete. Plus I know the P&L might not look good right now due to them putting so much into R&D. But as long as you continue to see membership on the rise and the company keep expanding, I can see this as being the next Humana in 5/10 years

  18. $METX not a pump and dump, but long play. $12M in Bitcoin mining equipment in agreement along with agreement to buy more in the coming months

  19. $METX is the way with a PT of $3

  20. Happy to help! Just remember the price target is $3, not $0.7 or $0.9

  21. You're pimping it as a winner. I'm just asking you to pay any losses he may incur.

  22. And the answer is no. Your not a child and you should always do your DD. Don't trust anyone. Make your own plan. Mine is just hold to over a $1 if not more. Long here especially once they actually start using the mining machines to be profitable. If it doesn't squeeze before that, then no problem with holding for 2/3 months.

  23. You said it was a better play, but when asked if you'll guarantee that statement with your own money, you admit that it isn't definitely a better play.

  24. You got it twisted. I do think it is a better play since it is trading at a lower rate and with the same PT as PROG, which has been being pushed for a month and already jumped past. Just saying now is the time to Buy into METX. Feel free to keep holding PROG but METX and PROG both have a Price target of $3. Prog is currently above that and METX is at $0.71. So do what you want to. I don't need you to dump your prog to help me. I'm long on METX until it hits $3.

  25. Preaching for days? Like three days ago when it was this level? 😏

  26. On twitter when it was in the $0.3x

  27. Just hopped in with a mere 1k shares but here for the ride!

  28. I know it looks ugly right now, but hold. it will bounce

  29. If you missed your opportunity BUY now (10:17 EST) momentum is building and were going up!

  30. I’d have to conduct a LOT more research before I threw anything at that. Heavy in and HODLing 🐸 PROG-Fest 🐸 Join us, after mkt has bottomed of course. Best of luck and grab a stack 💰. Not financial Advice.

  31. This will help you get started on your DD

  32. Then Grab METX on the floor now!

  33. Pull out and buy METX, on discount and huge squeeze potential when $0.7 is broken.

  34. Not sure what site your trading on, but that sucks, Usually only a min 90 day hold on IPOs

  35. I had no idea he was promoting this stock. I thought he was only behind CEI.

  36. That is because he isn’t. Never once said anything about it

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