1. The pushback I’d have to this is that it contradicts how David instructs people to DIY. He does have you look at your body at the end via the sketch, and working with clothes doesn’t come into it until you’re at that point. In my experience, I think going by clothes comes with its own bias, and can be affected by, for example, thinking something doesn’t work due to the combination, or having a limited idea of what an ID can do. For instance, plenty of people think they need waist definition, but it’s not because they have curve. (And as someone with double curve, I don’t do much defining of the waist because of my own style preferences. Proper curve accommodation allows you to do that!) It’s because they weren’t addressing another accommodation need and waist definition via a belt or whatever can act as a fix of sorts. It’s so easy to be influenced by what you want to see, or what someone told you in third grade, or whatever. That’s why David made all the exercises before the sketch and what he goes over in the beginning of the book. So I do actually think you will get the farthest by focusing on the physical reality of your body, but not by asking someone else’s opinion on Reddit, or by using celebrities as data points. David’s not going to drape different outfits on you. He wants to see you in something that reveals your body without adding compression etc., and that’s what is enough for him to go on.

  2. I guess ...I don't see how this conflicts with OPs point, because for Kibbe to actually be helping people, at a certain stage a person has to be able to see why something works, which means they have to understand the clothes on the body, and not the body alone?

  3. I’d say it’s the starting point. Are you relying on clothes to tell you what your personal line is? Or are you starting with your personal line and then figuring out how to translate it into a silhouette? One of the points David makes all the time is to enter into the process with a completely open mind about yourself and let go of preconceived notions. I have seen so many get tripped up by focusing on what they believe they need from clothes to the point that they can’t see what’s there. He won’t have you get to clothes until you already know what’s there. You do have to just look at the physical body and see what’s there.

  4. Oh yes, I totally understand what you mean about an open mind and starting with the physical body!!

  5. Also a lot of “SC outfits” you see on youtube/reddit/pinterest are very natural friendly with their blouson waists, mixed textures, etc

  6. agree. I'd go so far as to say a lot of what is called "modern classic" is really SN or FN friendly and not Kibbe Classic particularly.

  7. FN - at her height, SN is unlikely (some sources cite her as 5’7)

  8. she's actually publicly stated that she isn't as tall as 5'7 when her daughter reached that height and said she was taller than her

  9. Oh that’s good to know, she looks way taller! She is still pretty textbook FN to me, I see primarily a need for vertical and width accommodation, not curve and width.

  10. fair enough, i guess I just see her as almost

  11. That 5'3" person will not be looking super tall in real life either though. In real life we draw comparisons whether we like it or not, it's only in pictures taken without any reference that someone can look a vastly different height.

  12. umm, its possible you might be a bit confused about what vertical means? it doesn't mean looking tall, it just means that a person accommodates straight lines in their figure. This occurs inevitably above a certain height, but it not at all uncommon for shorter people also.

  13. No just missing my point. A short person can not have long bones. Yes legs can be long compared to torso. They're still short compared to a tall person's.

  14. fair enough! i was just explaining because a lot of people here are just new to Kibbe and don't understand what he teaches, but you are certainly allowed to think what u want??? no one cares

  15. i mean... i kinda love it. I think all that is missing is bling, heels, and attitude. With a dress like this you gotta own it.

  16. We don’t know. There I said it. 42 thousand of us and I bet only 2 or 3 thousand actually know what they’re talking about, if that much.

  17. Ugh tell me about it. I think it’s just that most celebrities are thin, but people sense on some level that they aren’t pure D so they “soften” it with DC. I really think there’s a massive problem with people viewing Classics as much more narrow and elongated than they really are, and looking for very stereotypical voluptuousness with SDs.

  18. That's a good insight. I think there's always going to be one type that it falls to be the catch-all type of the moment - SN for a while, and now people are more vehemently outlining what Kibbe actually describes an SN as and not the stereotype, DC has been picked now as a little-understood type that will fill in that space.

  19. Hmm, I'm not inclined to see Maggie Cheung as a DC, although I do agree she could have Oneiric!! I see her maybe as being more aligned to SC, there is something lighter, a refined grace, about her that is distinct from the bold dash of the majestic I would associate with DC?

  20. Well, I'm not sure if Kibbe still stands by what he wrote in Metamorphosis, but for SNs he explicitly says "Necklines should be loose and soft, not closed, restricted..." and he uses words like loose, flowing, soft, unconstructed, relaxed....

  21. Huh, that is not an answer I was expecting. Love it!

  22. well these are verified dudes, so you might need to readjust your concept of vertical and natural and whatevs!!!

  23. Sorry, my point about changing his hair & yin was just a joke that yang as a concept is about being very decided and forceful, whereas yin is about being more go with the flow and accepting - ie, more likely to change with fashion! ...nothing about gender roles??

  24. Alright, so what I'm gathering then is that some people believe it's objective, some people believe its entirely subjective to Kibbe, some people think it should be official and 'orthodox' as you put it to avoid all possibility of mistakes, while others believe that there's something real and useful to this information whether it's KB approved or not. That would certainly make more sense. I was getting really turned around by all the "Yes it's objective, no it isn't, yes it is, no it isn't, well maybe it is" and that would make much more sense if it's a case of the community being split on the topic, or that even individuals were split on how they think about this and are figuring it out for themselves. Would you say that's accurate?

  25. Oh yes, there is definitely a lot of community confusion over this question.

  26. wow you were born to wear a vivid electric blue!

  27. So I know that I’m the one who is probably wrong instead of everybody else lol, but does anybody else see vertical with Chloe? I’m FN (5’10”, so definitely), and she looks so similar to what I see in myself body wise

  28. personally, I see a lot of crossover in physicality between Chloe and an SN like

  29. Gotcha — that makes good sense! I’m new to this so still figuring it out. Thanks for the explanation ☺️

  30. i know, i hate how this subreddit downvotes people for admitting they don't understand something or want explanation, its not very welcoming!

  31. Omg I am seriously having an identity crisis. So... My skin can be yellow, but not warm toned if I'm olive?

  32. I'm a cool olive, and I actually feel gold works well because I do have that yellow tint in my skin, although wearing large blocks of gold fabric or whatever might look off!!

  33. I have mixed feelings about this subject!!

  34. I think this is a phenomena that applies to N types??

  35. I mean.. JLo rocks everything from

  36. Andy: SD - if you guys see a pic of him with

  37. These are awesome! Did you mean D for Rosa and N for Gina? Just curious because that was my guess… I thought Gina looked N at first but she always wears this Moto jacket, when she finally wears a crop tank you actually see a bit of pear shape to her! :) And Gina has that inverted triangle that is so classic for an FN

  38. Nope! I definitely meant what I said hehehe.

  39. i feel like complex colours are better, and your complexion seems to have some depth. Not sure what this points to... I agree with the other poster that you wear orange surprisingly well, but I don't know if its an ideal tone either, hard to say!

  40. Since this is a specific technical question for discussion about garments and not a request to be typed, I think this is fine!

  41. i don't know what to make of it as it could either be that the top was designed for a person with a more prominent bust which would push forward this fabric, OR, it could be designed for a person with a wider back?

  42. I checked and she's not on the list anymore, but before she was as possible SC like Paris Hilton said.

  43. Also, was she removed from the list because of one of Kibbe’s “definitely not” pronouncements?

  44. Thank you! I was sure she was unverified but I’ve been wrong plenty before

  45. This is interesting because I like this palette a lot for myself even though she and I have very different coloring. I’m fair-light and neutral, medium contrast, and have freckles. I think warmer colors make me look youthful :)

  46. I don’t feel the need to tie a specific complexion to a palette - the same colours can look great on different people!

  47. Wow your face reminds me SO MUCH of

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