1. The colour as it appears here (or is rendered on my screen) looks a little too muted to be a typical winter tone, but as

  2. it's not actually a muted color, it's actually more vibrant. I learned that this color is called lime green🙈

  3. hmm, from my screen i would be pretty confident that its muted. A lime green is quite different, i might call this a olive green maybe

  4. this particular mix of greens makes me potentially think of some kind of autumn palette actually. I've seen

  5. Most of my craft subs have a weekly/daily sticky chat that I always felt was very effective! I had assumed they were automated but I certainly could be wrong...

  6. I do really want to see the sub take off but I'm afraid I'm not at a stage where I can commit to anything on-demand like modding. Once I'm back at the office next week my spare time will be down to lunch breaks and 7-8pm AEST.

  7. eh, i'm not really in need of any kind of on-demand mod (i'm happy to do that myself, plus unless this sub really takes off, it won't need it), but really just someone can occasionally bounce ideas of off or think of ways to define & promote the sub?? just to help get some conversation going or think of cool ideas to give the discussion some structure. If you are up for that, I can invite you to mod, but only if you think that would be fun for you!

  8. If this is interesting to people, i might do a series of various 'standard' garment types and discuss how we might adapt them to work for our personal line - or not make them at all!!!

  9. I would love that! I haven’t sewn in so many years and I’m more of a bag designer than I am clothing. Clothing is so intimidating to me because of the precise fit involved, so I’ve been putting it off for years. Getting into my style last year, I’ve decided that if I want precise fit, I need to tailor my clothing!

  10. I feel like circle skirts are an easy place to start with garments as they don't require complicated fitting adjustments - you just need a waist measurement!

  11. ooh these are much better photos! i get fairly strong SN vibes now! maybe like

  12. It is really beginner friendly too! Just cut a half circle (whichever length you want), cut the space for your waist and 2 large straps of fabric. Hem everything and make the "handles" to tie the skirt around your waist.

  13. oh ok, so its a variation on a circle skirt! I see.

  14. hmm, i might do a post on circle skirts, and how we might adapt them for our personal line....

  15. The first guy, Luan, seems on a surface glance to be to be a very 'typical' Romantic man, I can see what you mean about lightweight fabrics and looking good with soft hair etc. Just that general sense of a kind of intimate or accepting energy??? Hard to describe. I think, lets be real, any man can build a lot of muscles these days with various workouts and chemicals, so simply building muscle isn't a great indicator anymore... But I feel like an SN man tends to have a more defined, bolder face structure than an R man, I'm thinking SNs like Gene Kelly, or Steve McQueen, or George Clooney?

  16. i would say its not the absolute worst colour on me, but definitely not the best. Seems more like a Summer palette tone to me.

  17. there is a STRIKING harmony with the dark brown.... but i kind of wonder if it is a Summer cocoa-style cool brown and not an autumn kind of brown? I definitely don't like the warmer red on you. Would love to see more muted tones, some plums and muted cool greens etc.

  18. i kinda wonder if Dramatic family is a possibility here? I guess i get a strong sense of angularity from you, more than natural family.

  19. Thank you. Yeah, I guess it's like...maybe talk about color in a basic sense for people who aren't as well versed in it, but not set any rules other than "pay attention to which colors make you look good and which don't". I would not get into the CRAZY SPECIFIC theories that exist in certain communities. I just learned about "dressing your truth" and its color/style/personality types, color cards, etc. I'm more into the individuality of the thing and I think certain things like seasonal color analysis can help people start on a path to really paying attention to the fact that certain colors really make them come alive while others don't. But it is a lot to add! Thanks again.

  20. on the subject of DYT, i almost never see anyone remark on it on reddit - I mod both this and

  21. hmm i find these photos a bit difficult to figure out some reason, but I might initially guess some kind of Gamine type, maybe FG, just because i like short, geometric shapes on you. but i think i might need to see more outfits.

  22. i wonder if FG (or at least gamine family) is possible here. You seem both vertical and petite. I like the tousled hair for you and I think you look great in strong vertical breaks.

  23. Ok, some longer lines! They're very poorly lit and not at all well-taken photos, but they are of me and they are longer lines without being quite so broken up at the waist. It seems to make me look much longer as well! I've noticed that a pointed toe shoe tends to help give me some length as well. Are we getting any closer?

  24. haha, not perfect photos, but I do get a general sense that larger scale concepts seem to look quite good. I wouldn't want to stake my life on it, or even $10, but I slightly wonder if SD might be possible?? even though you are short. I don't know! I feel like there's a touch more Drama there than pure R?

  25. Lol at this point, I trust the internet strangers more than my own perception! I have no idea! We need more feedback! Hahaha. Seriously though, thank you for your input!!

  26. no problems, hope you find your way!

  27. I kinda get SD vibes but open to pure R possibility (edit or SC)... I can't say for sure but i can say I really love the shapely burgundy cardigan/jacket on you though! perfect

  28. I feel like you have double curve! I think that pink flouncy top looks amazing on you! I'm not 100% sure if pure R or SG is possible here. Do you personally feel more dreamspinner or spitfire?

  29. keep in mind these descriptions are older, and there might be more nuance in modern Kibbe, but this is an excerpt from Metamorphosis

  30. interesting, i would have placed the vast majority of these celebs in quite different IDs... besides the literal verifieds, I think Solange Knowles and Tessa Thompson might be the only ones that I can potentially agree with here.

  31. i get pretty strong SN vibes: curves, but with enough frame to create shape

  32. I feel like your thoughts seem quite logical, and not particularly different to anyone else's thoughts when seeing/acquiring something which has an attribute they particularly like (colour) or some pleasant connection (the idea of travelling to your boyfriend).

  33. Well, I see two possibilities - either choose details, patterns & fabrics that reflect your essence that are a bit larger scale so as to work with the general larger scale of the SD type.

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